Three Steps to Secure Text Messaging

In recent years, a number of secure text messaging applications have come to market to help healthcare organizations strike a balance between the clinical demand for more efficient communication technologies and the IT requirement to comply with HIPAA and information security regulations.

Real Time Communication Access Enables Real Benefits for Clinicians

The rapid development in the smartphone market has revolutionized how we communicate by making it easier and more efficient than ever to send and receive information, but it is posing big challenges in highly regulated industries like healthcare where standard SMS communication is unsecured.

Better care team communication? - there’s an app for that

It’s tough to remember a time before your bank had an automated teller machine (ATM) or when you couldn’t check your bank account online, because it was over 40 years ago that the financial services industry began to implement ATMs.  But you would not choose a bank today that does not offer these services; in fact, there are no regional or national banks without them.

Which Telecoms Store Your Data the Longest?

You know that your text messages are stored by your cell phone provider, what you may not know is how much information and for how long.  Well we now have that information-- Wired recently reported data from the Department of Justice that shows what is stored and for how long. 

1 Way to Secure Physician Text Messages

It was with an element of nostalgia that I read the post 7 ways to secure physician text messages. Why Nostalgia I hear you ask? Well I’ll tell you. From 1995 until 2001 I worked in the Anti-virus industry. It was very different in those days. Viruses were written in bedrooms by kids, not by organized crime groups, No-one had anti-virus on their home computers and the AV updates were sent out monthly or quarterly on floppy disks.

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