Kansas City May Be Unseasonably Cool but Cerner Healthcare Conference is Hot!

Cerner is hosting more than 4,000 customers who come to this event to network, share experiences and learn about the latest solution offerings from Cerner and their partners.

The Solutions Gallery provides a wonderful venue for the attendees to see the latest product offerings from Cerner and their key partners. Imprivata, a Cerner partner for over five years, is exhibiting our latest OneSign capabilities, from Secure Walk-Away to No Click Access on Windows based and Zero client endpoints… All in the name of enhancing the care providers’ Cerner Millennium experience.

Halloween Scary Security Stories – Healthcare Security Risks

This week, I took part in Network World’s annual real-life scary security stories podcast, a panel hosted by Keith Shaw that looks at some of the most frightful security incidents over the past year. This year, I focused on some of the data security incidents that are becoming all too common in the healthcare industry.

HIMSS 2010: Meaningful Use, EMR Standards, Clinician Workflows, Security, Oh My!

This year’s HIMSS was quite an active conference, with healthcare IT a national focal point with new legislation and stimulus funding being funneled into reform and modernization initiatives.

To kickoff the conference, Imprivata chief medical officer, Dr. Barry Chaiken, who is the current chair of HIMSS highlighted the need for healthcare IT solutions to drive positive industry change. Here are some pull-outs from an InformationWeek blog covering the event that capture the sentiment well...

User Access Relevance in a HITECH Age-Imprivata

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published its Introductory Resource Guide for Implementing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Security Rule back in late 2008, but spurred by a jolt of healthcare IT investment driven by HITECH mandates has renewed relevance today. From a user access perspective, there are important technical safeguards outlined in the area of Access Control, Audit Control, Integrity, and Person or Entity Authentication that are worth calling out. Specific Key Activities within these technical safeguards criteria you should review include...

Upcoming webinar – Fast EMR Access via “Follow Me” Desktops and Walk-Away Security

Joining us from Memorial Healthcare is Frank Fear, the VP of Information Systems. Frank will share his experience with Imprivata OneSign dating all the way back to 2005, including the evolution of their implementation from fingerprint biometrics and proxy cards to present-day “follow me” desktops and virtual desktop access.

From Imprivata Booth 118 at Siemens Innovations – Las Vegas

The Siemens show has been fantastic. What a great group of people, from Siemens and their customers, as well as all the other great Siemens partners that are participating. What are we hearing? Signing on to desktops and applications is extremely painful! Remembering all the different passwords, trying to type them in while a patient is waiting for you, the time it takes for the applications to load… We need to simplify access to EMR and hospital IT systems for our clinicians! For those that know Imprivata, and for those that have been introduced to us this week, the response has been consistent; We can simplify access saving clinicians 15 minutes per day and help drive EMR adoption.

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