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Methodist Health System’s Success with e-Prescribing of Controlled Substances Methodist Health System (Omaha, Neb.) leverages fingerprint biometric authentication from Imprivata to enable e-Prescribing of controlled substances... video
Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances: An Overview of the Benefits and Regulatory Requirements This video highlights the benefits of electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) and provides an overview of the DEA regulatory... video
Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access Imprivata provides authentication management and single sign-on features to virtual desktop access to enable secure user roaming, utilize location... video
XenApp Support in Virtual Desktop Access Live from Imprivata HealthCon 2012 Jason Mafera demonstrates API integration with Citrix XenApp for a seamless login experience and automated... video
Accelerating Virtual Desktop Access with Imprivata OneSign and VMware View This video compares the speed of an average virtual desktop login against a virtual desktop login with Imprivata OneSign® and VMware View. With the... video
Can secure text messaging improve communications efficiency in healthcare? Healthcare IT leaders discuss the value of secure text messaging as an alternative to pagers to improve communications efficiency and provider... video
What is the impact of inefficient communication in healthcare? Healthcare IT leaders discuss communications inefficiency and the impact to provider productivity and patient care. video
Atlantic Health System Improves Communication with Imprivata Cortext Atlantic Health System, one of the largest non-profit health care providers in New Jersey, improves clinical communication with Imprivata Cortext,... video
Imprivata Learning Center Demonstration This video demonstrates the Imprivata Learning Center, which provides convenient continuing education to ensure you have everything necessary to get... video
Aspirus simplifies access to Epic with Imprivata OneSign “We did some research and some of our providers were typing in their password 120 times in a day”. By streamlining the sign-in process to Epic and... video
Achieve Meaningful Use Faster With Imprivata This customer testimonial video highlights how healthcare organizations can increase EMR adoption and achieve Meaningful Use faster with fast, secure... video
Fade to Lock Fade to Lock gradually obscures workstation screen when inactive, warning the clinician that the screen will lock shortly.  A nudge of the mouse... video
Self-Service Password Reset Learn how OneSign's self-service password reset feature can reduce help desk inquiries. video
No Click Access to Virtual Desktops Watch this video to learn how No Click Access to Virtual Desktops can streamline access and remove repetitive steps that frustrate and distract care... video
The Economic & Productivity Impact of IT Security on Healthcare This video highlights the key findings from a May 2013 study by the Ponemon Institute titled "The Economic and Productivity Impact of IT Security on... video
Day in the Life of a Care Provider Learn how Imprivata enables healthcare with No Click Access® providing fast, secure access to patient information from anywhere. video
Imprivata OneSign Anywhere Extend Imprivata OneSign's award winning single sign-on & authentication management solution to remote & mobile workers. This video,... video
Transaction-level Authentication OneSign ProveID allows an application to leverage multiple strong authentication methods to positively identify a care provider at any point in the... video
Syncing Users & Directories See how the web-based OneSign administrator tools can automatically import new users from connected LDAP directories. video
SSO-enabling using Application Profile Generator See how OneSign actually learns how a new application's authentication process works, making it easy to add Single Sign-On to new applications. video
Out-of-the-Box Reporting Learn how OneSign's complete auditing and reporting features help with compliance regulations that require regular monitoring of application access... video
Optimizing Care Provider Workflows Watch how Imprivata OneSign improves physician satisfaction with fast, secure access to patient information. video
MEDITECH and Single Sign-On Bill McQuaid from Parkview Adventist Medical Center signs on to Meditech/EMR application using Imprivata OneSign video
Live from HIMSS 2013 New Orleans HIMSS13 TV interviews Ed Ricks, CIO and VP and Beaufort Memorial to understand how they can achieve “more for less” by using Imprivata OneSign and... video
Imprivata Verified as Citrix Ready Imprivata OneSign delivers No Click Access® to Citrix XenDesktop enabling secure smooth roaming at the touch of a badge or swipe of a fingerprint... video
Imprivata OneSign streamlines workflows at Augusta Health (1/4) Learn how Imprivata OneSign helps Augusta Health increase care providers' efficiency while improving the protection of patients' confidential... video
Imprivata OneSign ProveID Embedded Enhances Fast, Secure No Click Access to Virtual Desktops This video provides an overview of Imprivata OneSign ProveID™ Embedded, which integrates directly into the firmware of thin and zero client devices... video
Imprivata OneSign integrates with XenDesktop at Augusta Health (2/4) Bruce Hall, CIO of Augusta Health, describes and quantifies his successful organizational rollout of thin client virtualization technology partnered... video
Imprivata OneSign drives CPOE adoption at Augusta Health (4/4) Bruce Hall, CIO of Augusta Health, explains how Imprivata OneSign has helped his hospital achieve a 75% utilization rate of CPOE for all inpatient... video
Imprivata OneSign and Dragon Voice Dictation at Augusta Health (3/4) Bruce Hall, CIO of Augusta Health, describes how his organization is leveraging electronic documentation via Dragon voice dictation technologies.  ... video