Secure Communications

For hospitals, health systems & ACOs

Providers waste more than 45 minutes per day using outdated communications technologies such as pagers, impacting their productivity and ability to focus on patient care. As healthcare organizations move to accountable care, they need to communicate efficiently and securely across the entire care continuum.

As a secure communication platform, Imprivata Cortext® enables healthcare providers to coordinate care within and between healthcare organizations such as hospitals, health systems, ACOs, physician practices or home health agencies.

Imprivata Cortext enables healthcare organizations to: 

  • Increase care team coordination: Care providers can use a single platform for multi-site communication across their hospital, clinic, rehab center or nursing home. 
  • Improve clinical workflows: Organizations can eliminate inefficient workflows caused by outdated technologies such as pagers with secure text messaging across smartphones, tablets and workstations. Care Providers never have to search for a colleague’s phone number – all of their contacts can be populated through Active Directory. 
  • Secure patient health information: Imprivata Cortext is HIPAA-verified by a 3rd party  audit agency and backed by a Business Associate Agreement. Imprivata is a trusted security partner that has 10 years of experience working with over 1000 healthcare organizations.

Product Features

Secure Text & Photo Messaging

Improve the efficiency of your clinical communications with text, photo and group messaging so providers can better coordinate care.

Imprivata Cortext enables care providers to text securely from their smartphone, tablet or workstation. All text and photo messages are encrypted securely, and not stored on the device. Imprivata Cortext enables care providers to create their own clinical groups, while enabling administrators to create organization groups so providers can reach their colleagues instantly.

Care Team Communication

Improve care team communication with group messaging.

Providers can create and save personal groups, while administrators can create organization groups. 

Message Status & Read Receipts

Instantly know who has read a message, and when.

Imprivata Cortext provides detailed read information with timestamps so care providers can know who is reading texts, and when they receive them.

Multi-Site Communication

Coordinate care across multiple organizations and your ACO.

Over 60% of providers practice at more than one facility. Imprivata Cortext lets your clinicians communicate across their hospital, clinic, rehab centers or other facilities – all from a single communication platform. 

Multi-Device with Real-time Sync

Communicate across any device, any time. 

Care providers can use Imprivata Cortext on their iPhone, iPad, Android-based device or PC/MAC, carrying conversations across all of their devices. All messages, alerts, photos, directories, favorites and groups will sync in real-time across all devices, regardless of which device providers are logged into.

Persistent Alerts and Customizable Sounds

Never miss a message with persistent alerts. Customize your messages' sounds to your environment.

Like pagers, whether care providers are on-call or unable to check their device, persistent alerts remind them of unread messages. Imprivata Cortext enables providers to choose from a number of sounds and tones for their text messages, whether they are in a busy ER, quiet NICU or family practice.

Active Directory Synchronization

Let care providers text and call colleagues - without searching for a phone number.

Imprivata Cortext integrates with your existing Active Directory so clinical contact information is always up to date. Perform all of your user management through your existing Active Directory. When users are disabled in AD, they are also disabled in Imprivata Cortext, and their application is wiped remotely.

Partner API

Integrate Imprivata Cortext with paging, alerting, scheduling systems and more. 

Enable care providers to receive clinical alerts, lab results and other rich content securely to their personal device or workstation by integrating it with your existing systems such as paging, alerting or on-call scheduling. Learn more about the Imprivata Developer Program.


Imprivata is a trusted security partner that has 10 years of experience working with over 1000 healthcare customers for healthcare security solutions. Imprivata Cortext offers security features such as: 

  • Verified as HIPAA compliant by independent 3rd party
  • Backed by Business Associate Agreement
  • RSA 2048 & AES 256 bit encryption

Cloud-based Infrastructure

Imprivata Cortext is built on cloud-based infrastructure and is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), making it simple to manage, deploy and adopt. 

Organization Policies and Settings

Imprivata Cortext enables administrators to customize policies and settings to their organization, such as: 

  • Message lifespan
  • Message archiving timeframe
  • Optional app PIN