Perimeter security is no longer enough

Employees and third-parties need on-demand access to data and applications in more places at more times, yet consistent breaches have proven there are vulnerabilities in the current system. This challenge can’t be solved with legacy methods.

Digital identity is the control plane that must be managed and secured

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    of hacking-related breaches use stolen and/or weak passwords



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    of third-party remote access is not governed, controlled, and monitored


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    agree they can no longer rely on perimeter security


Simplify secure access to the right data for the right reasons

Organizations have become hypercomplex ecosystems that can only be controlled with digital identity, but the methods of doing so must be transparent or they’ll be ignored. Enable, control, and monitor all identities to simplify secure access to legacy, modern, and cloud applications.

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Your identity-centric Zero Trust strategy starts here

Implementing Zero Trust requires an identity-centric strategy that can be daunting for organizations with decentralized, mixed ecosystems. Understand the capabilities you need with the Imprivata digital identity framework.

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Are you ready for zero trust?

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