VDA TEMP- Virtual Desktop Access

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No Click Access to Virtual Desktops

Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access builds on the benefits of desktop virtualization by streamlining access to roaming desktops. Using biometrics and/or card authentication, users can access their virtual desktop with the tap of an ID badge or swipe of a finger.

Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access complements desktop virtualization solutions such as VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop, and Oracle Sun Ray.

Streamline access to roaming virtual desktops

Imprivata Virtual Desktop Access means users can retrieve their virtual desktop from various locations throughout the day. The desktop maintains its status between locations, and can roam with the users as they move throughout the organization, while Imprivata OneSign provides the secure access control and audit capabilities.

Users on shared workstations have No Click Access to their personalized virtual desktops—streamlining access for fast user switching.

Strong authentication to virtual desktops

A wide variety of strong authentication methods are available including fingerprint biometrics, active and passive proximity cards, smart cards, one-time passwords, USB tokens and phone-based authentication.

Reduce password related help desk calls

Virtual Desktop Access extends the benefits of desktop virtualization by reducing password-related held desk calls and reducing administrative overhead for access and authentication.

Improve user productivity and security with location-aware intelligence

Location-based intelligence can improve user productivity and security. Virtual Desktop Access sends workstation location information to the virtual desktop and running applications. The virtual desktop environment can be tailored to streamline the workflow and secure data, such as:

  • Automatically selecting the right printers for the location/workstation
  • Hiding confidential data if the desktop is open on a device in a public location
  • Tailoring the desktop/application set for the location