Announcing the availability of the OneSign Connector for Epic V2.1

John Clark
Feb 02, 2012

In February we announced our integration between OneSign and the Epic authentication API to provide fast No Click Access® into the EpicCare application with just the tap of a badge or the swipe of a fingerprint. This was actually version 2 of our integration with Epic with the big leap for version 2 being the use of the Epic API’s. This further integration provided Imprivata customers with the same simple login experience whether they were in the ambulatory environment, inpatient environment, or carrying out medication order signing or CPOE transactions.

By going beyond just the recognition of a login screen and providing a direct integration with the authentication API, OneSign is able to fully support the number of different ways the Hyperspace UI can be hosted without requiring the clinician to alter their workflow. This includes hosting of the Hyperspace UI by XenApp, access from a workstation with a generic desktop login, shared workstation support, and fast user switching while leaving Hyperspace running “hot”. OneSign maintains the workflows that clinicians are accustomed to while providing rapid and secure access to patient data; there are no new key clicks or key combinations required, and the entire process is transparent – users don’t even see the username or password box.

Since we released version 2 we’ve continued to work closely with our customers and are excited to announce v2.1 with, among other new capabilities, support for Epic 2010.

The OneSign Connector for Epic contains the following new functionality and features:

  • Support for Epic 2010
  • An option to honor the OneSign second factor grace period during a secondary authentication extending the user convenience of the second factor grace period feature to transaction-level authentication in Epic. Simplifies the experience for the physician when carrying out transactions that require re-authentication such as medication order signing
  • The ability to lock Epic when a OneSign user switch occurs when Epic is on the Department Selector screen or Message of the Day screen.
  • An option for the Inpatient configuration to do different types of lock (e.g. Logout versus Secure) based on the end point computer when Epic is running on Citrix XenApp provides location-aware workflows.
  • Options are now set in the OneSign Connector for Epic for non-LDAP Epic instead of in the application profile simplifying workflow configuration without requiring agent side changes.
  • A “Gold” SSO application profile for non-LDAP Epic for both Epic 2009 and Epic 2010 that is tested and supported by Imprivata.
  • All trace messages are logged into OneSign ISXTrace simplifying troubleshooting

OneSign customers can obtain the new release by contacting our technical support department to request this update. For more information on OneSign or specifically the Connector for Epic please contact [email protected]