Are you re-opening the pit of password despair by going mobile?

James Millington
Feb 02, 2012

Imprivata launches OneSign Anywhere to fill the void.

The benefits of centralized password management have been obvious for some time now. Data needs to be secured – often mandated by regulations such as HIPAA, GLB or state specific data breach laws – so to comply with these regulations the applications that create or access the information need to be secured with a password.

OK, so no major issue there; dog’s name – sorted. But now the regulations mandate that the password must be “strong.” OK, dog's name and my birthdate (I would say wife’s birthdate, but I need to have a chance of remembering this!). Now there’s another application that I need, but there’s a rule that this application has to have a different password than the first one, and the company is strengthening the network login and that’s a different password again – and now I’ve forgotten which combination I was using where.

So what do I do? I write them down or I phone the helpdesk… daily… Many companies have already implemented password management solutions to solve these core problems. On top of the simplicity for the users and reduction in helpdesk costs, companies are also minimizing the risk of brute force password attacks by being able to automatically and regularly change application passwords with high levels of password complexity without the user even knowing.

And by combining some strong authentication as the user first enters the network we’re able to lock the front gate and keep the bad guys out. Right. We’re secure and users love us for keeping it simple. Deep breath…. I’m sorry – what? Users want to bring in their own devices? You want me to support iPhones? iPads? You want users to use their home PCs? Macs?

As the trends of mobility and cool devices take more and more of our users outside the enterprise walls we run the risk of undoing all of the good work, security and cost savings that we’ve managed to put in place. If IT can’t, or doesn’t want to install agents to all of these new devices, how do we get our authentication and single sign-on to work?

As we’ve removed the need for users to remember their passwords and we’ve increased the security by automatically changing them even if they did remember them, are we going to re-introduce all of the helpdesk calls? Or do I just say hang it all, and go back to pets’ names so that my execs can use the iPad that they’re waving around in front of me.

For organizations that are struggling to find a solution to these issues, Imprivata is announcing the release of Imprivata OneSign Anywhere, an agentless remote authentication and single sign-on solution that extends the benefits of the industry leading OneSign solution to users… well…anywhere (Nice job product naming committee!).

By adding OneSign Anywhere, organizations maintain a single point of password management, configuration, and reporting for both internal and external application access. Users can move from their work PC to their home Mac or their iPad and still receive the same secure single sign-on access to their critical applications. IT can maintain all of their compliance requirements and avoid re-introducing the relentless password reset helpdesk calls.

With Imprivata OneSign Anywhere organizations can:

  • Deliver secure authentication and single sign-on for mobile and remote users
  • Provide an agentless architecture that enables support for PCs, Macs, iPads and iPhones
  • Build on the OneSign platform to provide a single point of password management, configuration, and reporting
  • Extend the security, usability and cost saving benefits of OneSign to all users… anywhere

If you want to talk to someone directly email these guys [email protected]. Tell them James sent you :)