Identity maturity means healthcare security. How does your strategy measure up? Find out now with our new assessment tool.

Healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) have witnessed the evolution of increasingly complex IT environments – with escalating numbers of users and roles, locations, devices, and applications. All of which came with challenges exacerbated by the relentless disruptions of the COVID era.

If you’ve experienced nagging doubts about your ability to ensure robust security, compliance, and efficiency across your environment, you’re not alone. Across the industry, CISOs, CIOs, and other IT security and compliance leaders seek more secure, scalable, and agile ways to onboard, authenticate, and authorize on-the-go clinicians, remote users, and shifting workforces.

Digital identity is at the center of these efforts. Why? Because it’s the critical foundation – or control plane – that you must govern to successfully manage today’s hypercomplex, high-risk, and highly regulated healthcare IT environments.

How confident are you about the maturity of your digital identity strategy?

Are you confident that your identity strategy is strong enough to position your organization for success? Does it provide the critical range of capabilities you need for a solid digital identity framework that shields your environment from threats and disruption?

Do you have complete control over who enters and exits your network? Over what devices, applications, and databases users can access beyond the traditional perimeter? And are you secure in your ability to defend points of vulnerability against unauthorized access, data breaches, and ransomware attacks?

It’s time to start eliminating doubt. Because now there’s a way to quickly evaluate the maturity of your current strategy.

Take the digital identity maturity assessment today to prepare for tomorrow

The digital identity maturity assessment lets you discover what critical protections you may be missing. Simply answer a brief series of highly focused questions, and within minutes you’ll receive a complimentary, custom report describing your maturity level. You’ll also receive recommendations you can use as the start of a blueprint toward reaching your goal of full digital identity maturity.

Are you a seedling or a sapling?

Based on the Imprivata digital identity framework – a security-and efficiency-focused blueprint to guide your strategy for managing digital identities across complex ecosystems – this new assessment tool provides a quick look at where you are and where you need to be. Employing a simple metaphor, we’ve mapped the four levels of digital identity maturity to those of a tree’s lifecycle.

  • Level 1: Sprout
  • Level 2: Seedling
  • Level 3: Sapling
  • Level 4: Mature

Take the assessment now to chart your organization’s digital identity maturity level and get free, expert guidance on how to build the solid foundation you need for long-term strategic success.

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