Imprivata GroundControl 4.12 Release Notes

We are excited to share the upcoming release of Imprivata GroundControl 4.12 which will be available to most customers on May 25, 2021. Please note a slight change in the date of general availability from what we communicated in an earlier UAT announcement.

The newest release has some highly-anticipated features, and we are excited to share them with you. Highlights include:


Expanded functionality for supported smart hubs

Full support for the Imprivata-branded Bretford Pro v2 smart hub

GroundControl can now display port numbers and have full-color LED control of these enterprise-quality USB hubs. This feature works on both Windows and Mac. Bretford support is available by switching Admin > Launchpads > Smart Hub to “Next Gen”.

Locker 2.3.3 supports screen rotation

The Locker app for iOS allows the screen to rotate 180°, to support the new Bretford smart hubs. Locker is being distributed as a custom app update, as in previous releases. Depending on your MDM, the update may be pushed automatically or you may need to initiate the update in your MDM console.


Enhanced automation workflows

Perform actions on disconnected devices

GroundControl 4.12 introduces a new “over the air” workflow model, to perform actions on devices even when not connected to a Launchpad. A limited, but powerful, set of actions are available in this mode, to perform MDM commands, send email, set attributes, etc. In the current release, these OTA workflows may be deployed only manually and one device at a time. Additional enhancements are in scope for our Automation rules and will be available in future releases.

iOS updates will wait for the MDM password clear

Workflows that include both MDM Clear Passcode and iOS update will confirm a successful passcode clear before proceeding with the iOS update. This avoids failures on locked devices when the passcode clear command is delayed by the MDM. This applies only when devices are locked when connected to the Launchpad. Unlocked devices will proceed with the iOS update without delay.

iOS 14.5 skips all the setup screens

Apple has fixed the long-standing issue with DEP setup screens. Customers no longer need to change the device language to non-English to skip all setup screens. You must still include a Set Language action to skip all screens, but you can use the default setting of English if you like. Note this fix is in iOS 14.5, not in GroundControl, so devices must be upgraded to 14.5 for this improvement.


Additional Imprivata integration

Improved OneSign integration for Check Out

It is now easier to upload the root CA certificate to GroundControl, and a root cert is now optional. We encourage customers to switch from “Custom” to “OneSign” integration for badge lookup. Please see our instructions for enabling the correct feature checkbox in OneSign.

We’ve added the Imprivata logo to the admin console and Launchpad

Our user interface now includes the Imprivata Logo. Customers will continue to see the legacy GroundControl logo persist in certain features for a period of time, however we are moving to replace all instances with the Imprivata logo in the future.

Additional improvements

  • Customers may now use the Perform MDM Command action to clear device passcodes for non-DEP devices
  • The workflow editor will remember customer preference for DEP or non-DEP workflow models
  • We’ve added a direct link to Imprivata’s Support portal in the “name” menu within the admin console
  • We’ve added links to our knowledge base and documentation
  • The Pinpad will be more clear when reporting some errors


Bug fixes

  • [GG-6403] “Copy Serial Numbers” again works on the Windows Launchpad — thanks Bob & many others!
  • [GG-6787] Activity display updates are less likely to stall — thanks Rob!
  • [GG-6693] Performance improvements on the Launchpad list — thanks Rob, Jeremy, and Kevin!
  • [GG-6618] The “Launchpad Location” attribute has fewer quirks, behaves like a normal attribute, and can’t be duplicated — thanks Tyran and Rob!
  • [GG-6597] “10 failures in an hour” really means 10 failures in an hour, not 5, when Launchpad monitoring is enabled
  • [GG-6392] The API call to update device attributes returns the correct attribute data now
  • [GG-6057] The Set Wallpaper action should not run out of memory on Windows — thanks Neel!
  • [GG-5989] The automation condition “Is Empty” no longer fails for pending devices — thanks Rob!


Known issues

  • M1 “Apple Silicon” Macs do not maintain reliable connections to iOS devices. We have reproduced this using Apple Configurator, and reported this issue to Apple. macOS 11.3 includes some improvements, but still exhibits problems when connecting many devices at once. Unfortunately, we must recommend avoiding the M1 Macs until Apple further addresses this.
  • The new Bretford Pro v2 hubs occasionally do not detect devices when the hubs are powered on. Bretford is working on a firmware update.
  • The “Next Gen” smart hub setting cause Bretford legacy 40-port PowerSync PLUS carts to display as two hubs, not one. You may use the legacy “On” smart hub setting. We are working on a fix.
  • Using “Next Gen”, the Datamation 24-port UniDock with firmware 1.79 may not be recognized. We recommend you use the legacy “On” smart hub setting, or (better) update the hub firmware to 1.83.


Lifecycle notices

  • GroundControl 4.12 no longer supports Mac OS X 10.11.
  • Imprivata will remove the device “Console” feature in GroundControl 5.0 this Summer (Northern hemisphere). The Console feature streams a remote device’s system log to a GroundControl admin. Changes to iOS privacy has made this feature less useful, as app data is now excluded from the log. Removing this feature will simplify the Launchpad code base and increase stability.