Imprivata Healthcare Innovation Award Finalists Series Spotlight on: MedCentral

Mae-ellen Gavin
Nov 15, 2012

We are pleased to recognize our inaugural 2012 Healthcare Innovation Award finalists, including Catholic Health Partners, Johns Hopkins, Memorial Healthcare, MedCentral Health System, Mercy Health System and Sanford Health, for their innovative application of Imprivata solutions to improve clinical workflow and increase productivity and data security. We will be spotlighting these finalists on our blog.

MedCentral Health System is a non-profit organization, and with more than 2,500 employees, they are the largest employer in the six-county area they serve. MedCentral is comprised of two general, acute care hospitals: Mansfield and Shelby, with a combined total of 351 beds and 42 bassinets. The largest, Mansfield Hospital with 326 beds, offers a Level II Trauma Center and a Level II Perinatal Department.

MedCentral has 1,900 Desktop and laptop PCs and was looking to deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)  to help them meet Meaningful Use criteria, including computerized physician order entry (CPOE),  as well as provide physicians remote access to their desktop. They integrated Imprivata into their VDI environment to allow physicians complete access to hospital information systems from anywhere through remote access via the Internet using Digipass tokens and VMware View.

MedCentral leverages Imprivata technologies to save their physicians clicks and provide convenient access to Protected Health Information (PHI) with fast access and “follow me” roaming capabilities. MedCentral’s one touch roaming deployment helped increase productivity their physicians and nurses, while also reducing costs, increasing efficiency, improving quality, mitigating risk and improving physician adoption.

Through MedCentra’s integration of Imprivata into their VDI environment, they were able to not only save physicians time and reduce help desk calls, but also increase quality of care for patients as physicians were able to use previously inaccessible information systems from their home or office to support patient care decisions

Additionally, MedCentral leverages Imprivata to provide dual-factor authentication for CPOE in order to comply with the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy regulations for electronic medication orders, which contributed to faster CPOE adoption. MedCentral Health System was the first hospital to attain Phase 1 Meaningful Use in partnership with Siemens by using Imprivata for CPOE adoption and implementation.

Imprivata remains an important part of the patient care environment at MedCentral, and the hospital continues to partner with Imprivata to address new and emerging healthcare IT security needs as the system continues to grow and evolve.