Imprivata named one of the IGA solution providers focused entirely on healthcare market in latest Gartner Report

Healthcare provider organizations undertaking their Digital Transformation journeys increasingly must integrate larger and more diverse groups of users, consumers, and things, according to a new Gartner Report, Healthcare Provider Digital Transformation Requires Sophisticated Identity Governance and Administration.

“To manage safe and compliant access to enterprise digital resources, healthcare provider CIOs must employ sophisticated identity governance and administration,” Gartner notes.

In assessing the various providers of IGA solutions, Gartner identified seven software providers in this space. Of these, only one – Imprivata – focuses entirely on the healthcare market.

In the research note, Gartner analyst Barry Runyon makes the following Key Findings about healthcare IGA:

  • “IGA is seen almost exclusively as a security and compliance matter — but in reality, it is as much a digital transformation concern. Because it is seen as the domain of the chief information security officer (CISO), it is less likely to get support from the business it requires.”
  • “IGA spending has been overshadowed by electronic health record (EHR) investments, while at the same time making the identity governance domain larger and more complex, and the adoption of identity governance more urgent.”
  • “IGA maturity has not been adequately linked to digital transformation success. Meaningful digital transformation requires a robust interpretation, implementation and management of ‘digital identity’.”

Given these dynamics, Runyon’s research indicates, healthcare provider CIOs can advance healthcare and life science digital optimization and modernization by adhering to the following recommendations:

  • “Increase the likelihood of digital transformation success by employing IGA to ensure the safe and compliant participation by all users (humans and things) of IT resources.”
  • “Provide for flexible “situational provisioning” by combining IGA with real-time operational intelligence.”

As the digital identity company, we have a deep understanding of unique and complex healthcare workflows and IT systems. Our digital identity framework reflects the critical importance of digital transformation, and has made us the trusted digital identity management provider for health delivery organizations.

We offer the only IGA solution that’s designed and purpose-built for healthcare, and we take Gartner’s recommendations to heart. We have developed Imprivata Identity Governance as an end-to-end solution that provides precise role-based access controls, automated provisioning and de-provisioning, streamlined auditing processes, and analytics that enable faster threat evaluation and remediation.

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Gartner Healthcare Provider Digital Transformation Requires Sophisticated Identity Governance and Administration, Barry Runyon,20th October 2020.