My visit to Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Mae-ellen Gavin
Aug 01, 2012

Last week I traveled to Beaufort, South Carolina to visit Beaufort Memorial Hospital.  Beaufort is a general medical and surgical hospital with 197 beds.  They have recently rolled out  Imprivata OneSign, VMware View and zero clients.  During my visit I has the pleasure of interviewing Ed Ricks, Vice President of Information Services and Chief Information Officer, Dr. Stacey Johnston, Medical Director for the Hospitalist Program and Charge Nurse Laura Hawkins. 

What resonated with me the most during my visit was something that Ed referred to multiple times during our interview.  ‘Invisible’ technology, they have made access to their EMR (MEDITECH 6.0) so seamless Nurse Hawkins didn’t even remember that she used to have to remember and enter usernames and passwords.  Dr. Johnston explained how easy it is to pull up a patient chart at the nurses’ station to review the patients latest information, then from the patient’s room access the chart, as she left it at the nurses’ station, with just a tap of her badge.

While I was there WSAV out of Savannah came to interview Ed about their recent naming of one of the Most Wired hospitals in 2012, for the tenth consecutive year.  As you can see in the picture below patient rooms at Beaufort are set up with zero clients taking minimal space and positioned so care providers are looking at the patient when utilizing the EMR. 

The combination of zero clients, VMware View that allows for roaming desktops and Imprivata OneSign No Click Access is certainly making the adoption of technology invisible to the care providers at Beaufort--allowing them to focus on patient care, not technology.

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