Real Time Communication Access Enables Real Benefits for Clinicians

The rapid development in the smartphone market has revolutionized how we communicate by making it easier and more efficient than ever to send and receive information, but it is posing big challenges in highly regulated industries like healthcare where standard SMS communication is unsecured. Security and privacy regulations have slowed the adoption of mobile technology in healthcare, but in an industry where critical medical decisions need to be made in minutes, sometimes seconds, in no industry is this real-time, bidirectional communication more important. 

Ed Ricks of Beaufort Memorial Hospital recently spoke to Anthony Guerra of about how he deployed Imprivata  Cortext to  provide clinicians with a tool that enables quick decision-making through the technology they are comfortable using in their personal lives while also meeting the strict security and privacy requirements to be HIPAA compliant.  Imprivata Cortext has enabled Beaufort Memorial care teams to communicate and collaborate quickly and effectively, and because the HIPAA-compliant texting solution is as intuitive as their phone’s native texting app, it requires minimal management or training from IT.

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