‘Trust’ and Shared Access in EMRs: An interview with Dr. Tzfanya Korach

Apr 23, 2018

Recently, we had a chance to sit down with Dr. Tzfanya Korach to discuss his study on the impact of credential sharing on data security in healthcare, which recently published in Healthcare Informatics Research. The study was carried out prior to his current role with Brigham & Women’s Hospital. The team summarized its findings in the study, titled “Prevalence of Sharing Access Credentials in Electronic Medical Records,” which focused on the challenges of usernames and passwords in healthcare.

In providing responses to questions from Joel Alcon, Product Marketing Manager at Imprivata, Dr. Korach discussed the rising incidence of phishing attacks, ransomware, and other cyber attacks taking place in the healthcare industry and how credential sharing impacts the likelihood of these types of attacks.

Among study participants, more than 73 percent reported having obtained the password of another medical staff member – a reflection of the challenges of username and password protocols in an industry where users must access multiple workstations and applications every shift amidst pressure-packed patient care situations.

Dr. Korach also highlights one key pillar of the physician-patient interaction that’s essential to the healthcare system’s ability to manage information: trust.

Listen to Joel’s interview session with Dr. Korach below.