Welcome to Identity 360

David Ting
Feb 03, 2012

Welcome to Identity 360, our blog covering ideas and issues related to converged identity and access management in the enterprise. We aim to discuss the full gamut of topics, including physical security, network authentication, single sign-on, compliance, multi-factor authentication, insider threats, strong authentication, password management, etc. Not to mention, chiming in on current events as they happen along the way.

We look forward to an interactive discussion with everyone, and to hearing from security professionals, media and analysts about what they see out there. If you don't feel comfortable commenting directly to a post, you can always contact us via [email protected].

You may be wondering who I mean by 'we.' While I will be a regular contributor to Identity 360, there will be a range of voices here to broaden the expertise beyond my own and provide a range of experience from those on the identity front lines.

Let us know if you have specific topics you'd like us to address, or if you have an experience you'd like to share. Thanks for taking the time to visit us and come back often to see what's new!

- David Ting, CTO