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Detect risk and investigate user behavior in real time


Enterprise cloud apps like Salesforce and Microsoft 365 deliver on the promise of productivity and collaboration, but these benefits come at a price. Departing staff or disgruntled employees can access and steal sensitive information without being detected. Imprivata makes it easier to uncover insider threats with one solution that delivers:

  • A robust combination of AI, behavioral analytics, and human expertise
  • Full visibility to catch data exfiltration, compromised credentials, and sensitive data access
  • Monitoring for application performance, usage, and adoption
  • Real-time, hourly, and daily alerts with user-centric insights
  • Hundreds of pre-built, one-click reports based on best practices
What would have taken me days to figure out before is now in my inbox every day as an alert. Trust me, being aware of potential employee misbehavior BEFORE they leave is way better than trying to piece things together after they’re gone.
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Harness the power of AI

Efficiently synthesize log data across your mission-critical apps to simplify alerts and track threats at a user-centric level, all under one page of glass.

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Fully leverage Salesforce Event Monitoring

Detect, interpret, and investigate threats in real time with clicks, not code.

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Get more from Office 365

Go above and beyond native offerings with intuitive, user-based insights and data retention beyond the standard Microsoft offering.

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Monitor app performance, usage, and adoption

Boost Salesforce ROI through error and degradation monitoring while identifying unengaged users.

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Simplify compliance and investigations

Automate compliance processes and forensic investigations to provide transparency into data access and avoid data breaches.

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Get up and running in 48 hours

Leverage a comprehensive library of pre-built, one-click reports based on best practices, a guided implementation plan, and dedicated customer success team.

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