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Easily and accurately detect and remediate drug diversion


Although most healthcare organizations attempt to monitor for drug diversion, almost 95% of cases within hospitals remain uninvestigated due to widely used manual methods. Explore healthcare’s most established drug diversion solution that delivers:

  • A robust combination of AI, behavioral analytics, and human expertise
  • The complete picture of who, what, when, and how from dispensing to wasting across all drugs in your cabinet
  • Automation for time-intensive and error-prone manual processes
  • Dashboards, quick reports, and alerts in a single application for quick and easy reporting
Before Imprivata FairWarning, auditing tasks were performed manually with pharmacy taking the lead then handing off to other departments with little accountability. Now, with Imprivata FairWarning, the process is seamless, more efficient and multidisciplinary. It’s just a better program.
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Harness the power of AI

Automate time-intensive and error-prone processes by monitoring all activity electronically. Quickly and more accurately spot red flags.

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Improve patient safety

Keep an eye on inventory discrepancies, excessive waste, and high-risk departments and populations with targeted diversion monitoring.

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Find simultaneous station access

Find instances of the same user logging on to two different workstations within minutes of each other with compromised security monitoring.

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Detect anomalous behavior

Improve visibility to uncover the signals of anomalous behavior and make better decisions behind the scenes.

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Ensure compliance and reduce risk

Leverage dashboards, quick reports, and alerts in a single application to for investigation and audit compliance without manual effort.

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Get help when you need it

Access industry experts who become an extension of your team, providing daily proactive monitoring of specific use cases

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