FairWarning (Patient privacy monitoring) PPC

Establish a culture of privacy, security, and compliance


The security and privacy of patient information is critical to complying with regulations and establishing trust. Explore healthcare’s most established privacy monitoring solution that delivers:

  • A robust combination of AI, behavioral analytics, and human expertise to detect the full range of bad behavior
  • Customizable dashboards to view the data you’re monitoring at a glance
  • Proactive alerts tailored to your specific priorities and risk tolerance level
  • Standard and custom reporting to get the information you need, based on the criteria you set
  • Governance capabilities to measure and share the health of your organization

Imprivata FairWarning lets us monitor and analyze EHR access at scale. The solution filters out the noise and helps us focus our investigations.

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Accurately detect the full range of bad behavior

Remove risk by detecting snooping, inappropriate record modification, and data exfiltration.

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Spot access by terminated users

Avoid fraud by catching former or inactive employees accessing, or attempting to access, clinical apps.

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Discover anomalous behavior

Prevent major issues before they happen by identifying users acting sufficiently different from their peers or their own previous behavior.

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Identify compromised credentials

Avoid a breach early by identifying potentially stolen or misused credentials accessing records.

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Focus on the top privacy priorities

Get proactive alerts based on best practice and AI. Tailor future output to your specific priorities and risk tolerance level.

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Centralize investigations

Streamline investigations with a central location for all information such as type of PHI accessed, parties involved, and any audit events or other documentation.

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