Privileged Access Management PPC

Get complete security for privileged accounts, assets, and tasks


Most security breaches involve compromised privileged accounts. Protect against malicious or accidental access from both within and beyond your firewall with privileged access management that delivers:

  • Granular, system level control and automated password rotation
  • Central management and an unalterable audit trail
  • Just-right access for least privilege enforcement
  • Fully integrated multifactor authentication to meet the demands of cyber insurers
  • Agentless protection that’s deployable in minutes

[Imprivata Privileged Access Management] is a well-thought-out solution that is focused on a lean and efficient implementation of key capabilities within Privileged Access Management, avoiding the overhead and complexity that comes with some of the other tools in the market.

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Keep admin accounts secure

Limit attack surfaces by providing just enough access to complete a task through granular policy control at the system level.

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Simplify password management

Securely store credentials, passwords, keys, and other secrets in an AES-256 encrypted vault. Provide secure access without disclosing credential.

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Satisfy compliance and audit requirements

Monitor and record sessions, commands, and actions, and centrally collect, store, and index sessions, keystroke logs and other privileged events to simplify audit processes.

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Automate job and task management

Automate common recurring tasks such as the detection of users with elevated privileges, periodic or event-based password reset, and maintenance of local admin groups to reduce workload and the risk of human error.

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Install in 5 minutes or less

Immediately realize the benefits of a PAM solution with a modern architecture that’s completely agentless with zero client and server footprint.

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Enable out-of-the-box MFA

Get complete access control with Imprivata’s multifactor authentication to eliminate the need to purchase, implement, and manage a separate solution.

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