5 strategies for improving medical record integrity and patient identification

  • Date: July 12, 2017
  • Time: 8:00pm

Time: 1:00PM EST

In today’s transforming digital world, developing a strategy for maintaining patient record integrity and ensuring positive patient identification can be difficult. Patient misidentification can result in severe consequences for hospital IT, patient access and clinical staff. 9% of misidentified patients suffer an adverse event, while hospitals lose 1-5% of annual net patient revenue from duplicate records, denied claims, and bad debt write-offs.

Attend this webinar to learn 5 key strategies for improving patient identification and medical record integrity, including:

  • Challenges with manual patient identification 
  • Best practices for an MPI or EMPI clean-up
  • How to improve patient matching across disparate systems
  • Leveraging patient photos and biometrics for patient identification

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