Introducing Imprivata for Community Connect

  • Date: February 20, 2018
  • Time: 7:00pm

Time: 2pm ET


Is your hospital leveraging Epic Community Connect®? Are security barriers to the EHR system, such as usernames and passwords, making it difficult for clinicians to focus on delivering quality patient care? 

We hear time and time again that clinicians are frustrated with security barriers, including usernames and passwords, each time they log into the EHR. On average, clinicians waste more than 45 minutes per shift per day logging into their clinical systems. This is time that could be spent with patients.

Organizations that use Epic Community Connect and want to address this challenge turn to Imprivata® for Community Connect®, the trusted solution in healthcare that improves data privacy and security and streamlines clinical workflows.

Join Joel Alcon, Product Marketing Manager at Imprivata, and Preston Broderick, Product Manager at Imprivata to learn about Imprivata for Community Connect and how you can use the solution to:

  • Improve data privacy and security without sacrificing clinician satisfaction
  • Streamline clinical workflows by reducing the need for usernames and passwords
  • Enable fast, secure, DEA-compliant EPCS
  • Leverage the proven benefits of the Imprivata Authentication Platform across your entire healthcare organization

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