Migrating to Epic? Ask the experts your most pressing questions

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Time: 2:00pm EST

Whether you’re migrating to Epic or are already using it today, these experts can help answer your questions.

Imprivata solutions have been deployed at one third of all Epic health systems worldwide and along the way we’ve gained some great insights and perspectives we’d like to share with you.  We’ve assembled a panel of our Epic experts to share their perspective about how customers use Imprivata to help optimize their new and existing Epic deployments and to answer questions such as:

  • What are some common configurations for using SSO with kiosk, inpatient, and ambulatory workflows?
  • How do Epic hospitals protect patient data on shared workstations without inconveniencing clinicians?
  • What are the typical configurations used with Imprivata’s EPCS solution at Epic hospitals?
  • Can a badge tap can be configured for MAR or an attestation? 
  • How tightly is Imprivata integrated with native Epic functions?  What are the benefits to clinicians?
  • How is Imprivata integrated into the patient identification and registration process?

The panel includes a clinician and members of our deployment and product teams, and each has deep experience with Imprivata deployments at Epic hospitals.

We will be taking questions live during the webinar, and we also encourage you to submit questions in advance when you register.