Q&A: Clinical and IT perspectives on Identity Governance

  • Date: December 03, 2019
  • Time: 7:00pm

Time: 2:00 pm ET

Healthcare professionals need fast, efficient and secure access to a wide range of applications to effectively treat patients.  But many healthcare organizations are underserved by traditional identity management products and manual administrative processes that hinder IT agility, impair care delivery and introduce security vulnerabilities.

Today, leading CMOs are partnering with their CIO and CISO counterparts to re-imagine their identity management and access control – exploring automated solutions to combat physician burnout, increase caregiver productivity, and improve patient outcomes.  

Join Wes Wright, Imprivata CTO, and Sean Kelly, Imprivata CMO, as they share industry perspectives and personal experiences on how Identity Governance can help:

  • Drive greater IT efficiencies and identifiable savings
  • Strengthen and simplify security and compliance requirements
  • Establish Day 1 access to key clinical and IT systems and data

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