Securing medical devices with clinically efficient authentication

  • Date: October 01, 2019
  • Time: 8:00pm

Time: 2:00 – 3:00pm

Interconnected medical devices play an increasingly valuable role in the delivery of patient care. But as the healthcare industry continues its digital transformation, these advanced capabilities expose new security threats, as each device represents a potential point of exposure of patient information. Requiring user authentication to access devices can improve security but manual entry of usernames and passwords creates a tedious, inefficient workflow that impedes the delivery of care.

Imprivata Medical Device Access enables fast, secure authentication for accessing and transacting with patient information on medical devices — without impacting clinical workflows. Our solution helps organizations unlock the potential of interconnected medical devices with the tap of a badge to help improve patient care and provider efficiency.

Join this webinar to learn how Imprivata Medical Device Access can help to:

  • Improve security of PHI by making secure authentication practical
  • Improve patient safety by controlling access to device setting changes
  • Increase visibility into user interactions with patient information on medical devices
  • Ensure efficiency by replacing usernames and passwords with fast, automated authentication

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