Frost & Sullivan presents their 2018 North American Technology Leadership Award to Imprivata

Imprivata was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan with their 2018 North American Technology Leadership Award.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents the Technology Leadership Award to the company that has demonstrated uniqueness in developing and leveraging new technologies that deliver significant customer value.

Citing Imprivata’s “innovative approach to cybersecurity, wherein it secures the entire clinical workflow instead of only the discrete application”, Frost & Sullivan’s analysis highlighted both time and cost savings throughout their press release and social media posts announcing the award. This approach makes it possible to greatly reduce the overheads associated with authentication, which can be as high as over 4000 logins per physician per year. The Imprivata approach can reduce that number to 240.

Imprivata performs this with a tightly integrated portfolio consisting of:

  • Enterprise Single Sign-on: enabling users to quickly and securely authenticate into all their clinical systems and applications without needing a username or password.
  • Multifactor Authentication: leveraging multiple authentication modalities to drive better security and streamline clinical workflows.
  • Confirm ID for EPCS: increases productivity by providing a comprehensive platform for provider identity proofing, supervised enrollment of credentials, two-factor authentication, and auditing and reporting to help healthcare organizations meet the DEA requirements for electronic prescriptions for controlled substances.
  • Imprivata Medical Device Access: Secure and seamless authentication into the increasingly interconnected ecosystem of medical devices.
  • Remote access: strengthening security by enabling end-users to securely access clinical systems from outside the hospital.
  • Imprivata Identity Governance: enabling role-based identity and access management with governance and compliance dashboard to mitigate risks.
  • Positive Patient Identification: enabling biometric patient identification and patient experience tracking.
  • Secure Healthcare Communications: enabling secure messaging between healthcare providers, resulting in more effective care coordination.

According to Frost & Sullivan, “This portfolio, which has been purpose-built for the healthcare market, is a foundational element that healthcare providers must adopt to facilitate significant new cost containment technologies that other market verticals are already adopting — technologies such as IoT, cloud and predictive analytics.”

Want to learn more? Read the press release here, or feel free to request a demo of any of our solutions.