Imprivata Announces Availability of OneSign Certification Courses

Certification Courses Help Customers Maximize their Investment in OneSign; Provide Best Practices for Strong Authentication, Enterprise Single Sign-On Deployments

LEXINGTON, MA, July 28, 2009 Imprivata®, Inc., the employee access management company, today announced the Summer/Autumn schedule for its OneSign certification courses being conducted worldwide. These courses provide users with the knowledge to ensure a more rapid and effective deployment of their strong authentication and enterprise single sign-on solutions, including hands-on workshops, best practice examples and certification exam.

North America Four-day Certification Training
The four-day full certification course was developed for new and existing customers and partners who require more advanced training to help maximize their investment in OneSign. For more information, go to ttp://

North America Two-day Accelerated Certification Training

The two-day accelerated certification course was developed for experienced partners and customers who can leverage what they already know, enrich their knowledge and obtain an official certification. To qualify for the accelerated training class, one must first pass a prerequisite test before going through the certification program. For more information, go to /accelerated_certification_outline.

EMEA Four-day Accelerated Certification Training

This version of the certification course is broken into two segments where the students have two days of self-paced materials and two days of instructor-led training. For more information, go to /emea_certification_course_outline. North America-based courses are followed by an optional day to remain on-site to complete the online certification exam.

Dates and Locations:In North America, all training courses will be conducted in Lexington, Mass., on the following dates:

  • August 24-27 Full Certification, Aug. 26-27, Accelerated Certification
  • Sept. 21-24 Full Certification, Sept. 23-24 Accelerated Certification
  • Oct. 5-8 Full Certification, Oct. 7-8 Accelerated Certification
  • Nov. 2-5 Full Certification, Nov. 4-5 Accelerated Certification

Internationally, Accelerated Certification Training courses will be conducted at various locations, on the following dates:

  • Sept. 8-9, Germany
  • Sept. 10-11, Belgium/Holland
  • Sept. 14-15, Middle East or Italy
  • Sept. 17-18, United Kingdom or Nordic
  • Oct. 19-20, Switzerland
  • Oct. 22-23, France
  • Nov. 16-17, Italy
  • Nov. 19-20, United Kingdom

The international training courses only offer online testing to be completed within two weeks of the course for certification.

For more information and an overview of the available OneSign certification courses, please visit: /onesign_training

About Imprivata
Imprivata secures employee access to desktops, networks, applications and transactions. Its appliance-based, employee access management platform, OneSign, enables organizations to protect enterprise information assets while improving user productivity. By strengthening user authentication, streamlining application access and simplifying compliance reporting across multiple computing environments, customers realize substantial IT Help Desk and administration cost savings, while achieving the security standards they demand.

Imprivata is a recognized leader in Authentication and Access Management, receiving numerous product awards and top review ratings from leading industry publications and analysts. Headquartered in Lexington, Mass., Imprivata partners with over 200 resellers, and serves the access security needs of more than 800 customers around the world. For more information, please visit
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