Imprivata CEO looks at IAM in the past and healthcare in the future

This week I met with Imprivata CEO Omar Hussain, head of a company that has nailed its colours well and truly to the mast of healthcare security. Hussain said the company is focused on healthcare and rather than doing standard "fortress protection" technology such as intrusion prevention and anti-virus, it prioritised security around accessing information to offer a standardised solution to accelerate and enable productivity. He said: “Prior to three years ago, we made a conscious decision to move away from password management and identity and access management (IAM) to focus on healthcare. We make technology that makes it easier to access information that makes it easy for everyone to use to save time and money and enabling healthcare security. “We are now playing a big role in healthcare and patient privacy as everybody is afraid that they don't want medical details to become public knowledge as it cannot be taken back once it is out.” Hussain said existing solutions have made it harder for clinical staff, as they have not been specifically designed for healthcare environments, while it has decided to deliver "a better product that makes access easier”. “If it can save five clicks it can add up to a ton of money and time saved,” he said. “The customer tells me that after the electronic medical record (EMR), this is the most critical solution.”

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