Imprivata Cortext 2.0 Delivers New Enterprise-Class Capabilities to Meet the Needs of Healthcare Organizations

New capabilities address unique requirements of communicating securely across hospitals, clinics and ACOs

New Orleans, LA, March 6, 2013 – Imprivata®, the leader in healthcare IT security, today announced the availability of Imprivata Cortext® 2.0, the industry’s first free HIPAA compliant texting solution that ensures secure, enterprise-class group messaging among care providers and across organizations.

 “As the director of the cardiovascular ICU, I saw on a daily basis how antiquated communication systems slow patient care and frustrate our care teams,” said Dr. Joseph Elbeery, Director CVICU, Vidant Medical Center. “After researching multiple secure texting solutions, I chose Imprivata Cortext because it is free, HIPAA compliant and easy to deploy. In just two weeks I successfully rolled out Imprivata Cortext to all of the physicians in my department, and it was so easy to deploy, I could do it without the support of IT. Today it is a critical communications tool for our care teams.”

For the past decade Imprivata has been trusted by more than 1,300 healthcare organizations, 2.5 million care providers and every major Electronic Health Record (EHR) partner to build solutions that address HIPAA requirements. Imprivata’s leadership in providing best in class healthcare IT security solutions has been recognized by the industry’s most respected organizations. KLAS named Imprivata the Single Sign-On Category Leader in its “2012 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report and the American Hospital Association (AHA) exclusively endorsed Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On.

“We are committed to helping the industry address a critical communication gap by expediting care team communication with a free solution from a trusted partner,” said Belinda Hayes, vice president and general manager, Cortext Products Group, Imprivata. “We believe that the whole care provider ecosystem – from a large heath system to a small hospice – should have access to a solution that enables collaboration securely, which is why we are providing an enterprise-class solution for free. We’ve been in the secure texting market for less than six months and have more than 600 healthcare organizations enrolled, ranging from large integrated delivery networks (IDNs) to community hospitals and hospices. For Imprivata, secure texting is only the beginning of this platform as we work with our extensive partner network to build a broader information delivery channel.”

As healthcare organizations straddle the opposing pay for service and pay for performance models, they must also stay abreast of changing HIPAA requirements. In January 2013, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the final HIPAA omnibus rule, which expands HIPAA requirements to business associates of the entities that receive protected health information (PHI) and increases penalties for noncompliance up to a maximum of $1.5 million per violation per calendar year. As a leading healthcare IT security company, Imprivata recognized some of the largest breaches reported to the HHS have involved business associates, which is why the company has been operating with a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) since the day Imprivata Cortext was launched, months before the HHS announced the rule.

“Imprivata’s strong reputation in healthcare and the fact they operate under a BAA were two major reasons I decided to move forward with Imprivata Cortext,” said Todd Mehringer, Director of Information Systems, Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center. “From a compliance standpoint, HIPAA and HITECH are pretty clear – if you exchange PHI, or if a vendor is going to have access to your PHI, you need a BAA with that vendor. It really should be that simple, and the vendors that want to interact with healthcare need to be prepared to sign a BAA.  If they're not, it means they don't understand the healthcare IT landscape.”       

For improved care team collaboration that satisfies rigorous HIPAA requirements, Imprivata Cortext 2.0 lets care providers send group messages securely. Cross-organization communication allows care providers to text across all of their affiliated organizations. The combination of these new features provides streamlined communications across multiple care settings. Imprivata Cortext is the only enterprise-class solution that supports the requirements for accountable care, as care providers must collaborate real-time across specialties and organizations to treat a patient.

“As the healthcare industry moves to the ACO model that reimburses on fee for performance rather than fee for service, there are incentives for care providers to work together to treat patients across care settings and specialties,” said Lynne Dunbrack, Program Director, Connected Health IT Strategies, IDC Health Insights. “Because these care providers are rarely under the same roof, secure text messaging that supports group communication across multiple settings will greatly enhance the care teams’ ability to collaborate and coordinate care efficiently and effectively.”   

Imprivata Cortext is the fastest-growing HIPAA compliant texting solution in healthcare, supported on iPhones, Androids, PCs or Macs.  Imprivata Cortext is offered for free to all healthcare organizations nationwide. To enroll your organization for free and start texting immediately, visit

“As a regional provider of Healthcare IT services, we support a large number of practices and clinics within the tri-state area,” Bryan Graven, Executive Director, Connecticut Physicians’ Services, LLC.Imprivata Cortext streamlines communication and saves our physicians time. Since the preliminary testing phase of Imprivata Cortext, we’ve had a direct line of communication with the team at Imprivata, which has been extraordinarily helpful to ensure the features that are important in our care settings are included in the product. We requested group messaging a few months ago and are pleased to see our feedback has been incorporated into the product so quickly. Cross-organization group messaging lets our care providers send messages across multiple care settings securely, which saves them time and still allows us to separately manage policies, directories and archives by organization.”

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Imprivata, the leader in healthcare IT security, enables secure access and collaboration for two million healthcare users worldwide. As the #1 independent provider of single sign-on and access management solutions for healthcare and other regulated industries, Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On is exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association (AHA) and recognized by Gartner and KLAS. Imprivata Cortext® is the leading free HIPAA compliant text messaging solution for healthcare. Headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts, Imprivata serves 1,300 hospitals in partnership with over 200 EMR and technology infrastructure vendors around the world. For more information, please visit

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