Imprivata Cortext Expands Capabilities to Transform Clinical Communication and Drive Patient Engagement

Enhanced Desktop Application for Nursing and New Provider-to-Patient Messaging Deliver Fast, Secure Communication and Coordination across the Entire Care Continuum

Chicago (HIMSS15 booth #3848)—April 13, 2015—Imprivata® (NYSE: IMPR), the healthcare IT security company, today announced expanded capabilities of Imprivata Cortext®, the secure communications platform for healthcare, to improve nursing communication and enable patient engagement. Imprivata Cortext offers an enhanced desktop experience as well as efficient provider-to-patient messaging, delivering fast, secure and reliable communications and coordination across the entire care continuum.

“Imprivata Cortext offers the functionality necessary to replace pagers and let our providers use their mobile devices for communication and care coordination between physicians, nurses, and even patients. In addition, the ability to leverage both a mobile and desktop application gives us a cost-effective, well-designed solution for our entire clinical staff,” said Michael Novak, chief information officer at Saint Mary’s Hospital (Waterbury, Conn.). “Imprivata Cortext also allows our providers to communicate more effectively with patients and their families. For example, the ability to deliver real-time updates to family members when a patient is in surgery removes the anxiety and uncertainty of waiting for callbacks, which we believe will be a significant benefit to patient engagement and satisfaction.”

Imprivata Cortext is an award-winning solution that enables secure mobile and desktop messaging inside and outside of the hospital. Imprivata Cortext supports native mobile platforms for iPhones, iPads, Android-based devices, and BlackBerrys as well as a native desktop application and browser based application for PCs and Macs. New platform capabilities of Imprivata Cortext include:

  • Patient Engagement—Imprivata Cortext drives patient engagement through new provider-to-patient messaging capabilities. Care providers can send and receive messages to and from patients and their families, enabling secure, efficient, meaningful conversations without requiring patients to download or install an application.
  • Enhanced Nursing Communications—Imprivata Cortext transforms nursing and clinical staff communication with a rich, native desktop experience that gives providers a faster, more reliable way to communicate and coordinate care. Imprivata Cortext overcomes the inefficiencies of using outdated technologies such as pagers. This improves the responsiveness of the clinical staff, allowing them to spend more time with patients and increasing HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores for Responsiveness of Hospital Staff. Imprivata Cortext also eliminates the disruptive noise caused by pagers and overhead paging, which helps improve HCAHPS scores for Quietness of Hospital Environment.
  • Extended Communication to Affiliated Providers—Imprivata Cortext now allows clinical staff to communicate with affiliated care providers outside of their hospital or network. Messages can be securely sent and received across the broader ecosystem of care providers, enabling more efficient consults, referrals, and other communication and care coordination.
  • Emergency Mass Notifications—As the standard communications platform for healthcare, Imprivata Cortext now enables organizations to communicate with thousands of users at once across any mobile device, tablet, or desktop. This gives organizations a more efficient and cost-effective solution to reach its entire user population for high-urgency alerts such as codes, natural disasters, or safety issues as well as for administrative alerts such as software upgrades or administrative notifications.

"Imprivata Cortext enables healthcare providers to not only communicate securely, but coordinate care broadly and efficiently with new capabilities such as dynamic patient engagement,” said Ed Gaudet, general manager of the Imprivata Cortext Products Group. “Leading healthcare providers such as Saint Mary’s Hospital recognize the benefits of a secure communications platform. With Imprivata Cortext, clinicians communicate securely and collaborate efficiently at the point of care."

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Imprivata (NYSE: IMPR), the healthcare IT security company, is a leading provider of authentication and access management solutions for the healthcare industry. Imprivata delivers single sign-on, authentication management and secure communications solutions to enable fast, secure and more efficient access to healthcare information technology systems to address multiple security challenges and improve provider productivity for better focus on the patient experience. For more information, please visit

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