Imprivata Cortext Sets Pace as the Fastest Growing HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging Solution with More Than 250 Healthcare Organizations Enrolled within 60 Days of General Availability

To further serve its rapidly growing user base, Imprivata will unveil its Cortext Customer Community in December

Lexington, Mass., December 3, 2012  – Imprivata®, the leader in healthcare IT security, today announced that more than 250 healthcare organizations have enrolled in Imprivata Cortext® since its general availability less than two months ago, making it the healthcare industry’s fastest growing HIPAA compliant text messaging solution. This unprecedented adoption reflects the widespread need – and lack of adequate solution previously – for a secure and efficient HIPAA compliant texting solution to improve the care delivery process. 

“A customer base of 1,300 healthcare organizations gives Imprivata a distinct advantage in the HIPAA compliant text messaging market,” said Omar Hussain, President and CEO, Imprivata.  “When the need for HIPAA compliant texting became a recurring topic during conversations with CIOs and CMIOs at our customer facilities, we saw an opportunity to work with them to develop a secure clinical texting solution that would enable care teams to collaborate in order to make rapid, accurate decisions about diagnoses and treatments.  The swift adoption of Cortext after just two months in the market reflects the urgency of that need.”

To further serve this growing user base, Imprivata will unveil its Cortext Customer Community to Imprivata Cortext users in the middle of December. The Cortext community will enable Cortext administrators to initiate and join existing community discussions, vote on product ideas and feature requests, browse the article knowledgebase, log support cases and gain useful best practices on gaining Cortext adoption within their organizations.

Cortext is supported on iPhones, Androids and web-based applications.  To learn how to get your hospital, clinic or practice enrolled in Cortext, visit us at

User Quotes

Ed Ricks, Vice President of Information Services and Chief Information Officer, Beaufort Memorial Hospital

“Initially our plan was to have 10 to 12 physicians use Cortext, but through word of mouth encouragement, there are now 50 people using Cortext. Prior to using Cortext, clinicians and their staff relied on paging and telephoning to communicate with one another, which resulted in inevitable delays as clinicians waited for their colleagues to call them back and repeated paging when they did not respond in a timely fashion. We plan to roll out Cortext to all 160-physicians, and we expect our technically savvy physicians will help this process by actively encouraging their colleagues to use Cortext so that they can securely text each other.”

Todd P. Edwards, Director of Information Systems, Brazosport Regional Health System

“Cortext was critical to our successful migration from Blackberry devices and their associated Blackberry Messenger (BBM), which we used for hospital leadership communications. Cortext positions our hospital for an expansion of instant text messaging with our physicians which was not possible using BBM.”

Sandra Biesiada, R.N., Cardiovascular Institute of Michigan, P.C.

“Fast, efficient communication via texting between members of the care team results in better outcomes for our patients.  With Cortext we can facilitate that exchange of information, on the devices that our doctors prefer to carry, all within the boundaries of HIPAA.  This allows us to strike that balance between data security for IT, convenient collaboration between care providers and efficient care for patients.”

Uldene Smith, Office Manager and Development Supervisor, Hospice of Guernsey

“We are using Imprivata Cortext more and more. We have found it very helpful in expediting issues with patient care, patient admissions, etc.  The more we use it the more we see its value.  We are very pleased.”

Rod Short, Director of Information Technology, Ketchikan Indian Community

“We started by testing Cortext in the IT department and followed that initial assessment with a demo to our clinical staff.  We’ve been pleased with our experience during testing and look forward to rolling out Cortext more broadly in our clinic.”

Keith Napier, PMP, Manager Financial Applications, IT Operations and Information Technology Services, Mary Lanning Healthcare

“We recognized as a part of our security assessment for Meaningful Use that texting personal health information was an issue, so we immediately started looking for a solution. This is when we came across Cortext. We started the Cortext testing with our Chief Medical Officer (CMO) and IT users so we were familiar enough with Cortext to roll it out more broadly and address questions.  Since this preliminary testing, we have added C-level executives, including our Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and CEO, in addition to some care providers. We look forward to deploying Cortext across our hospital.”

Matthew Dartez, Privacy and Information Security Officer, Green Clinic Health System

“We have found that Cortext is both easy to use and setup.  We enjoy the fact that when our users send messages to each other, there is peace of mind that the encryption ensures privacy.  I love the feature that I can just turn archiving off and nothing is saved.  While it presents an interesting issue, we use the system as intended: as a quick messaging solution designed to take care of short-order problems.”

Frank Fear, Vice President and CIO, Memorial Healthcare

“The obstetrics department was the first clinical area to use Cortext; it helps our labor nurses keep the OBs up to date on their patients' labor status or alert them that they are needed in the labor and delivery unit because delivery is imminent or the mother and/or baby are in distress. Our nursing staff appreciates that they can see that the text message was opened, as the pre-existing paging system lacks that closed-loop, bidirectional communication. Today our OBs and nurses are texting more than telephoning, but with one tap, they can initiate a phone call to the text recipient if a longer conversation in real-time is required.” 

Phil Slover, IT Director at Melbourne Internal Medicine Associates (MIMA)

“While our goal was to facilitate communication between MIMA doctors and hospital staff at various facilities, we conducted the Cortext pilot at one location with approximately 20 physicians and IT staff so that it would be easier to provide hands-on support if necessary. MIMA physicians make regular daily rounds at local hospitals and Cortext is allowing them to stay connected while at the hospitals, instantly exchanging HIPAA-compliant messages on status, medications, allergies and other critical information.  It didn't take long for our pilot physicians to become ‘super users’ as we deploy to more practice groups.  Now our physicians who provide home care on a regular basis want to use Cortext to communicate with the home health staff.”

Clint Thelen, IT Manager, Omaha Nephrology

“Our deployment of Cortext couldn’t have been easier; in fact, all of our users were setup and texting securely within the application in a matter of minutes. Cortext has provided our staff with a consistent and reliable way to communicate protected health information in a timely and secure manner. We currently have users on iPhone, Android and PC, and Cortext delivers a consistent means of communication no matter what platform our care providers are using.”

David Porter, Project Manager, Sharp Community Medical Group

“Our organization is made up of a large group of independent physicians. Our initial plan is to rollout Cortext as a pilot to a few practices for a short period of time to prove viability and stability. We will then roll it out to our larger group for secure communications within the practices as well as between referring providers for continuity of care. We will use one user definable field as a “Specialty” field and another as the Practice Name. This approach should enable our providers to find any provider within our group by typing in either the individual’s name, Practice or Specialty and communicate with them directly and securely through stationary or mobile supported devices. We are also looking to make secure texting available to our support staff members for secure communications within our support personnel and potentially as an option for secure interaction with our independent practices.”

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Imprivata, the leader in healthcare IT security, enables secure access and collaboration for two million healthcare users worldwide. As the #1 independent provider of single sign-on and access management solutions for healthcare and other regulated industries, Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On is exclusively endorsed by American Hospital Association (AHA) and recognized by Gartner and KLAS. The company hospitals trust with securing their patient information now offers Imprivata Cortext®, the healthcare industry’s first free, HIPAA compliant text messaging solution designed for physicians and nurses. Headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts, Imprivata serves 1,300 hospitals in partnership with over 200 EMR and technology infrastructure vendors around the world. For more information, please visit

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