Protect Patient Privacy

Legacy Body

Protect patient privacy and comply with regulated auditing requirements by detecting and deterring snooping and unauthorized or inappropriate access of medical records.

Information security officers, compliance and privacy officers, and hospital administrators know that snooping, identity theft and unauthorized access of electronic medical records are now explicitly prohibited.

Additionally, a patient’s right to know who has accessed their records has been expanded, requiring hospitals and their business associates to account for and disclose personal health information breaches.

Beyond putting patients at risk, personal health information breaches are increasingly putting healthcare organizations at a significant risk of financial, and reputational harm. Penalties can include substantial monetary fines and even jail time.

With data spread across multiple EMR systems, IT resources are often needed just to access and collect information, and even then the completeness and accuracy of the results may still be uncertain.


Protect patient privacy and actively monitor elecronic medical record access events

Imprivata quickly detects and deters snooping, identity theft, inappropriate and unauthorized access of medical records with automated pattern-based detection including 100+ patient privacy scenarios.

Simplify HIPAA privacy and security auditing responsibilities and compliance activities for PCI, SOX and PIPEDA

With all EMR audit data consolidated in one convenient location, privacy officers can easily and efficiently manage the increasing mandated regulatory functions and perform required audits.

Eliminate the complexity of identifying patient data breaches and managing audit trail data

Imprivata eliminates the complexity of accessing, sorting and reporting on the many associated audit trails as required by state/provincial and country legislations. Reducing complexity increases the accuracy of investigations and disclosures.

Mitigate risk of civil lawsuits and potential damage from suspected violations of patient rights by streamlining investigations

By creating a forensically secure master audit log repository, Imprivata puts information related to a suspected breach across multiple systems into one location. When combined with its powerful reporting tools, investigations can be conducted faster with greater accuracy.