• eyebrows -> list of who should receive
  • bullets will list required fields that should be included on page from email request.
  • Videos will not appear when logged in, but once cache reset, u can view the video not logged in. :)

Page map

  • Web Request Flow
  • Webinar - Hidden Pages
  • Webinar - Resource

@website -> [Lizzie] -> Jira -> [content admin] -> email from admin

Web Request Flow

  • Lizzie manages @website email requests
  • Lizzie creates jira ticket and delegates to one content admin
  • content admin completes jira ticket
  • content admin emails page to web requester
  • Notify josh to make you ice cream for job well done. free of charge

Ethan, Jon, Julia, Josh

Webinar/Unlisted Video - Hidden Pages

Julia: For all hidden pages going forward, we’d like to standardize on a URL structure that doesn’t rely upon randomized characters. So, all hidden pages (especially for webinars) should follow this structure: /content/[name-of-webinar] So, this one would’ve been: /content/automating-epic-provisioning-in-record-time or something super similar (like if we didn’t include “in,” for example).

  • Upload to youtube. (Jon has credentials)
    • unlisted
  • Content (left top once logged in)
  • add content
  • Standard page 
    • check hidden
    • title
      • copy title for next step
    • right column, url alias
      • uncheck 'generate url alias'
      • /content/ + paste title in right column url.
        • remove non numeric or non alphabetical characters in url (excluding the \)
        • everything lowercase
        • replace spaces with dashes
    • save page
    • layout (in top menu)
      • add block
        • video
        • video (add media)
        • url from youtube
        • copy name
        • save
        • video orientation change to CENTERED
  • Notify Jon to reset cache so listing page is refreshed.
  • Send away. done.


Webinar - Resource

Make sure to categorize taxonomy + categories. Marketo landing page link. thumbnail as Image.

  • Resource
    • type webinar
    • image - thumbnail
    • taxonomy
    • category terms



Remote video URL