Risk mitigation and response

Enabling new workflows to mitigate risk and manage response

Identifying users at risk of exposure to infectious disease

Yale New Haven Health is using Imprivata  OneSign to identify users who may have been exposed to patients with infectious diseases — and therefore represent a potential risk of spreading the disease.  Imprivata OneSign collects data that identifies user access on workstations in hospital areas where patients with an identified infectious disease are being treated. By matching this data to the location of the workstation, Yale can determine which specific users visited areas with a risk of infection, and can then take any necessary actions.

Speeding access to clinical staff temperature-check application

A customer plans to require staff to self-check and record their temperature twice per day in order to monitor for potential symptoms, with recordings managed through an in-house web application. To ensure ease-of-use for providers, and support real-time compliance and auditing, they are working with Imprivata to enable single sign-on capabilities, via Imprivata OneSign, into that app.

Streamlining access to symptom-free attestation workflows

Some organizations have started requiring that clinicians demonstrate that they are symptom-free in order to start their shift. In order ensure that the process is simple enough to avoid disrupting patient care and drive compliance, organizations are implementing Imprivata OneSign to ensure easy access to the attestation workflow.


Ensuring seamless authentications on Microsoft Surface Pros

Nurses at Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) use tablets to share patient vitals with remote physicians, and, especially now, need a quick, easy, and near touch-free login experience. CHA will be deploying Imprivata OneSign on Microsoft Surface Pros in their ICU to allow providers to gain access to their tablets with just the tap of a badge. This will reduce the need to touch the screens and help mitigate risk of infection, while still allowing for monitoring of patient vitals.

Ensuring fast, secure, and compliant care team communications

Providing high-quality health care requires taking action based on test results, but relying on traditional methods of viewing test results could create delays – a particular problem for patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. To prevent delays, Atlantic Health System leverages API integrations with Imprivata Cortext to send fast, secure, and HIPAA compliant alerts to care team members about patients’ lab test results. With those APIs and workflows in place, Atlantic Health’s care team members get real-time alerts, and can take quick action.