Imprivata Management Services

Imprivata Management Services


Future-proof healthcare technology

Gain best-in-class technology services without increasing headcount or adding complexity to your organization. Imprivata Management Services experts operate as a hands-on extension of your IT team. Bypassing traditional resource constraints, we’ll help you optimize efficiency and scale for future healthcare innovation.

You define how much help you need, and where. These management services packages are purpose-built with your needs in mind.

Close your enterprise IT gaps with expertise in clinical workflows, integrated IT systems, healthcare regulations, and the full Imprivata solutions platform. Each of our offerings will integrate seamlessly with your IT strategy.


Imprivata Starter Management Services

With a comprehensive understanding of Imprivata OneSign and Imprivata Confirm ID and their supported components, Imprivata Starter Management Services become an integral part of your IT strategy. Our team will:

  • Ensure alignment with IT best practices
  • Remotely implement your Imprivata systems leveraging Imprivata engineers for expert guidance
  • Future-proof your investments by providing annual upgrades and migrations
  • Maximize lifetime value and sustained expansion across your enterprise with continuing hands-on system administration and technical assistance

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Imprivata Advanced Management Services

With a comprehensive understanding of the Imprivata platform and its supported components, Imprivata Advanced Management Services provide an integral part of your IT strategy. Our team will:

  • Bolster efficiency with a team of technical experts who can remotely administer your Imprivata solutions
  • Cover your Imprivata upgrade, migration, and application integration needs with a single annual subscription agreement
  • Supplement your help desk and change control processes with Imprivata expert involvement
  • Eliminate management complexity from your environments with alignment to IT best practices

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Imprivata Enterprise Management Services

Extend the power of your IT organization with a full-scale professional services team that is accountable for proactive delivery and ensuring the continuity and resiliency of your Imprivata solutions. Imprivata Enterprise Management Services will help you:

  • Access a full range of services such as upgrades, migrations, implementations, deployment and enrollment assistance, and training courses
  • Avoid time-consuming scoping, budgeting, and contracting processes by using our flexible resources
  • Identify and remediate potential Imprivata product issues in your change management processes swiftly
  • Optimize workflow with our design experts and clinical workflow specialists, sustaining engagement throughout implementation and ongoing production support, enabling you to offer clinicians a world-class end user experience

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Imprivata Mobile Management Services

With a comprehensive understanding of the Imprivata platform, supported mobile devices, configuration design for optimal workflows, and integrations with a broad array of market-leading mobile device management solutions, our team will help you:

  • Establish faster time-to-value and a strong foundation for success with expert implementation services
  • Enhance team efficiency with technical experts who remotely configure and manage your Imprivata Mobile solutions
  • Ensure operational stability through proactive monitoring of activity logs, reporting, and resolution of critical events
  • Leverage ongoing training to support your IT team's mobile administrators
  • Remove management complexity and align your IT environment to Imprivata best practices

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Imprivata Managed Privacy Services

Extend your team with compliance and security experts who will monitor for and investigate potential privacy incidents. Our Imprivata Managed Privacy Services team can help you safeguard patient data and:

  • Maintain data integrity standards
  • Increase your team’s efficiency in data-driven identification and countering of policy violations
  • Improve case management processes

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Imprivata Drug Diversion Monitoring Services

By extending the power of your team with Imprivata Drug Diversion Monitoring Services, you can expand the ROI experienced with Imprivata FairWarning Drug Diversion Intelligence. Our team will:

  • Remotely monitor and respond to drug diversion reports
  • Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your diversion monitoring and intelligence program
  • Help reduce enterprise and patient risk

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Imprivata Identity Governance Management Services

With IT budgets and resources constrained, ensuring dedicated and capable resources to manage your identity governance solution on an ongoing basis can prove difficult. Our Imprivata Identity Governance Management Services team will help you:

  • Administer your solution and maintain roles and dashboards, keeping essential configurations and workflows current, supported, and expanding
  • Remove overhead and management complexity from your environments and align with best practices
  • Bolster value and efficiency by partnering with your in-house teams, including integration with helpdesk escalation and change management

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Our Imprivata remote administrator is a key part of our change management process. With their understanding of the Imprivata platform and its supported components, they have enabled us to comfortably deploy new technology without impacting the functionality of the Imprivata platform. They have become a strategic partner, helping us optimize our IT resources while maximizing the full potential of our technology investments.