From newsworthy diversion to proactive protection: Mount Sinai Health System’s story of drug diversion monitoring

In 2014, Mount Sinai Health System discovered that a Pharmacy Director had diverted over 200,000 doses of Oxycodone over a five-year period. No patients were harmed due to the diversion, but the case could have had a serious negative impact on the hospital’s reputation.

Instead, discover how this top New York City health system took immediate action to create a world-class drug diversion prevention, detection, and response program that lifted their reputation and led to revolutionary results, including:

  • Near real-time drug diversion monitoring
  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration to prevent and investigate diversion
  • Increased staff compliance and education on drug diversion
  • Increased visibility, allowing the compliance team the ability to go from monitoring one hospital to monitoring six

Thanks to their quick response and proactive efforts, the Mount Sinai team can now spend more time on what matters most – caring for patients.