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Imprivata earns best leadership, A+ culture honors

It’s official: Imprivata has earned a Comparably Award for Best Leadership Teams for the second year in a row. And, this year, we were recognized in the Large Companies category – a testament to our continued growth and success! Comprised of the top 50 highest rated companies based on anonymous employee feedback, this award truly speaks to our incredible leadership team who collectively push forward with an emphasis not only on professional, but personal growth. In addition to this leadership award, our corporate culture received an A+ based on aggregated employee ratings and reviews.

A culture like no other

We are deeply honored by this recognition which follows a period when our global teams, like so many others, worked from anywhere and everywhere. We stayed focused, prioritizing the safety of our employees, which we knew would make us better prepared to take care of our customers. Yet, our compassionate spirit endures despite the lack of in-person gatherings and social events.

To be singled out for this award by the talented individuals integral to our success is humbling and meaningful beyond words. We don’t usually toot our own horns, but the achievement feels especially significant because it’s derived from Imprivata employee feedback.

Together, we celebrate an extraordinary community of individuals whose different skill sets, interests, and backgrounds come together to embody our company values. Cheers to everyone, and here’s to continued success at Imprivata!

If you’re interested in joining us for what continues to be an exciting journey, check out our open positions!

Why we love Imprivata!

While it’s easy for us to show you what makes Imprivata a great place to work, we asked our team what they love most about Imprivata, here’s what they had to say:

We are hiring across all departments, marketing, sales, engineering, IT, come see why employees love working at Imprivata!

Imprivata's commitment to health and wellness

Imprivata is honored to be named to Comparably’s list of large companies with the best perks & benefits and best company culture. The companies named to these lists are ranked based on anonymous feedback to a variety of questions regarding current employees' overall satisfaction.

In our opinion, benefits shouldn’t be standardized. As a result, offering extraordinary perks and benefits consistent with our company culture continues to be a top priority for Imprivata. For 2022, we have added an additional plan to our health benefit offerings to cater to the needs of our growing employee population. Our benefit suite contains some great options for all our employees’ needs, whether it’s your basic Medical, Dental and Vision coverage, or coverage for your furry pet family members, we offer it all!

While our entire team was working remotely, we saw an opportunity to offer some added employee perks to thank our employees for their dedication and flexibility during the new time we were navigating through. Consistent with our foodie culture, quarterly gifts are sent to all employees and range from coffee and tea gift boxes to snacks and sweet treats, as well as giving individuals the opportunity to donate their gift to charity. With health top of mind, we also have an awesome gym reimbursement program through our benefits program that employees can utilize to go towards their local fitness center payments.

Since launching in 2015, Imprivata’s Wellness Program has continued to grow and evolve. Over the last (almost) 2 years, as we have navigated through the COVID-19 Pandemic, wellness has become an even higher priority for our employees. We continue to offer a large array of wellness driven events and initiatives, now in a hybrid setting. This programming covers physical, emotional, and financial wellness topics.  

Our wellness events this year have included a meditation series, webinars on financial wellness, healthy living and nutrition, physical wellness and exercise challenges, emotional health and so much more that directly impact our employee first culture. We are looking forward to continuing our expansive wellness and culture programming as a hybrid workforce in 2022!

Link to Comparably: https://www.comparably.com/companies/imprivata/reviews

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Hiring globally in a Zoom world

Recruiting at Imprivata continues to be a top priority, even as our entire workforce remains remote. Over the last year, we ramped up staffing and shifted to hiring talent virtually. We evolved our interview process to take place through Zoom, beginning with creating a “virtual waiting room” where various members of the Imprivata team can greet candidates before their first round of interviews. In addition, we widened our candidate pool to source candidates nationally. In the first couple months of 2021, we have successfully hired 15 new employees, and six of them are from areas where we don’t have physical offices.

This new practice of virtual hiring was adopted successfully by many of our departments, most notably Engineering and Renewals. The Engineering team was able to transition to remote work so efficiently that it was clear we could hire more employees who were located remotely now and in the future.

Below, I’ve shared some quotes from Imprivata hiring managers who have successfully hired outside of our typical geographical area.

Not only have we hired remote folks successfully, but we have also recently gained a new office location in Clearwater, FL with our recent acquisition of FairWarning. When we reopen our offices in the future, having this additional location will provide more flexibility to hire in an additional geographical area while also allowing employees to head into an office when they need facetime with the team.

We are always encouraging our employees to be engaged in the recruiting process. We send out a weekly “Hot Jobs” email to the company highlighting new openings, and a chance to win a gift card if they are the first to answer a set of trivia questions correctly! We also offer a $5,000 referral bonus to employees who refer a candidate who is hired for the role. Considering our expanded hiring pool, the referral program has aided tremendously in these efforts as we do have a global workforce.

Imprivata provides equal employment opportunities to minorities, females, veterans, and disabled individuals, as well as other protected groups. If you are interested in joining a great culture no matter where you are, we encourage you to check out our openings and apply! Join a group of hard-working and passionate folks!

Check out our open positions!


Recently, the word unity has taken on a new meaning at Imprivata. With our team more spread out than ever before, our employees are working out of our various offices around the globe and even their homes. Being united no longer means bringing everyone together in-person. We continue to make strides to stay connected and come together, especially through these still uncertain and changing times, but it is no surprise the last couple of years have encouraged us to explore new means to accomplish this. We have embraced virtual meetings and events, deepened our understanding of how to best support our employees' needs, and become closer even while being further apart. Through all of this, we have achieved a new level of togetherness at Imprivata.

This spring, Imprivata hosted its annual company kick-off event, where for the first time since 2020 we were able to bring together a generous portion of our team in-person. It was exciting to see each other face-to-face and gather at our new headquarters in Waltham, MA. In support of those who tuned in from home or around the world, the event was live streamed to the broader Imprivata community. This hybrid model is a notable example of how we stay together even when apart.

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In the spirit of unity, this summer we have focused on the importance of devoting energy to our diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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We hosted some exciting new events including a Thai cooking class in honor of Asian Pacific Heritage Month and PRIDE themed trivia that our teams thoroughly enjoyed. We also enjoy sharing newsletters that provide information and ways to honor and celebrate cultural holidays as a way for our teams to spread awareness and educate themselves. We believe we are all better together regardless of how ‘together’ is defined.

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Additionally, we are in the process of re-opening our Florida office, which will allow us to collaborate in-person again and we have officially re-opened our UK office, bringing our UK employees together for the first time in over 2 years! Whether in the office or over zoom, our teams are thrilled to continue coming together to build upon the unity we have created.

As we are always striving to learn and adapt, what ideas have you implemented to stay unified?



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