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Fast, secure signing solution for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS)

Imprivata Confirm ID for EPCS increases productivity and is the most comprehensive platform for provider identity proofing, supervised enrollment of credentials, two-factor authentication, and auditing and reporting to help healthcare organizations meet the DEA requirements for EPCS. Imprivata Confirm ID for EPCS also integrates with leading EHRs and e-prescribing applications, and supports the most complete set of innovative, convenient, and DEA-compliant  two-factor authentication methods — including Hands Free Authentication and push token notification — to give providers a fast and efficient EPCS workflow.

What is EPCS?

Electronic prescribing of controlled substances, or EPCS, allows care providers to prescribe controlled substances electronically – a process that has been historically paper-based. EPCS limits the occurrence of forged or stolen prescriptions and “doctor shopping” by authenticating prescribers and increasing security.

Secure data and streamline workflows

Imprivata Confirm ID for EPCS elegantly simplifies EPCS workflows by:

  • Integrating directly into the e-prescribing workflows of leading EMR applications
  • Making two-factor authentication fast and convenient through Hands Free Authentication, push token notification, fingerprint biometrics, and other DEA-compliant authentication solutions
  • Automating authentication modality presentation clinicians are only prompted for what is available and allowed
  • Operating in any SSO environment as a stand-alone secure signing solution

multifactor authentication in SSO environment

Imprivata Confirm ID: The comprehensive identity and multifactor authentication platform for healthcare

Imprivata Confirm ID for EPCS is part of a comprehensive identity and two-factor authentication platform for fast, secure authentication workflows across the healthcare enterprise. Imprivata Confirm ID makes security invisible by offering a broad range of innovative, convenient, and DEA-compliant authentication methods, including Hands Free Authentication, push token notification, and fingerprint biometrics. Imprivata Confirm ID combines security and convenience by enabling fast, secure authentication across enterprise workflows while creating a secure, auditable chain of trust wherever, whenever, and however users interact with patient records, patient identifiers and other sensitive data.