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Minimize risks from insider threats

Imprivata FairWarning Managed Privacy Services


Extend your team with a dedicated partner in privacy

Paired with the #1 patient privacy monitoring solution, Imprivata FairWarning Managed Privacy Services saves you from the stress and effort of monitoring patient privacy and investigating potential violations. Imprivata helps you manage the full lifecycle of a privacy incident to meet compliance, foster a culture of privacy, reduce risk, and enable trust.

Eliminate compliance uncertainty and streamline privacy investigations

Save time and reduce stress

As your partner, the Imprivata FairWarning Managed Privacy Services team reduces your workload and helps you build robust governance reporting and data privacy monitoring by investigating suspicious behavior and improper access while creating extensive documentation to align with OCR and HIPAA requirements. In the event of an investigation, your Imprivata privacy analyst helps you document any identified suspicious behavior or improper user access with that user’s supervisor in Imprivata FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence.

Rely on the patient privacy experts

Improve your privacy posture and reduce risk

The Imprivata FairWarning Managed Privacy Services team monitors more PHI than any other managed services team in the healthcare industry. We offer a sizable staff of certified privacy and security experts in healthcare, and we use our expertise to help you build a world-class monitoring program that improves your organization’s overall data protection posture and minimizes risk. When you partner with Imprivata, you benefit from our unparalleled scale and unmatched experience, which we put to use reviewing all your alerts generated within the Imprivata FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence platform to determine their accuracy and impact.
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Streamline monitoring to eliminate gaps

Consistently apply best practices across facilities

Imprivata FairWarning Managed Privacy Services helps you build a robust, enterprise-wide privacy and compliance program that applies consistency across the organization and aligns all employees on regulations and standards. We start by assessing risk, building and enacting best practice enforced policies in the Imprivata FairWarning Patient Privacy Intelligence platform to ensure you are prepared for incident response, monitoring, and more. Managed Privacy Services streamlines monitoring across ALL your facilities, eliminating potential gaps and ensuring every facility meets the same best practices and high standards. We also provide routine education and staff training, including foundation building activities and deliverables and a policy review of HIPAA requirements related to the privacy and security rules to ensure you are ready in the event of an audit.
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How we help

Set up your monitoring program for success

The Imprivata FairWarning Managed Services team performs foundation-building activities, including delivering a roadmap of enforced policies, as well as customized education and communication materials to prepare your organization for monitoring.

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Perform daily application security monitoring

The Imprivata FairWarning Managed Services team reviews policies to find incidents of data compromise, data exfiltration, and cybersecurity threats. They make recommendations for adjustments to current policies, as well as new policies to build a well-rounded monitoring program, and analyze alerts, investigate those deemed suspicious and escalate incidents. They also perform daily checks to ensure that information has been delivered and correctly appended to the HR data in the application

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Review important topics during regular meetings

A dedicated analyst holds weekly/bi-weekly meetings with your designated focal point(s) to review important topics and provide insight into alerts and/or investigations reviewed, the overall health and success of the monitoring program, new enforced policies or the replacement of existing enforced policies to provide value and ROI to the organization. The analyst will also cover the latest industry trends and topics and highlight new features in the application. 

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Create and document investigations and incidents

The Imprivata FairWarning Managed Services team provides support to customers through forensic investigations to determine if there was indeed a breach of information. The team also creates and documents incidents within investigations and maintains responsibility for follow-up activities. Imprivata FairWarning Managed Services sets up monitoring efforts to uncover access that deviates from a normal workflow to support the documentation and investigation of a security or privacy-related event, and suggests and maintains custom fields, such as region, facility, and waiting on (to see where the analyst is in the process of the investigation) for granular reporting on incidents. 

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Build and review compliance and governance reporting

A dedicated analyst builds and reviews monthly/quarterly governance reports to show you trends and areas of improvement. They also utilize the custom fields within alerts/investigation to provide reporting-based categories like investigation volume by region or investigations by manager to display areas where reeducation should be provided. In addition, they offer insights into reporting on corrective action to allow customers to reevaluate their budgets and negotiate contracts to accurately spend resources where they are needed.

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Get support with high profile or threat monitoring and other ad hoc requests

The Imprivata FairWarning Managed Services team assists with a wide array of ad hoc requests ranging from proactive monitoring for high profile patients such as celebrities or patients involved in news events to forensically analyzing employee/patient complaints.

The Imprivata FairWarning Managed Services team provides additional threat monitoring support when circumstances call for extra measures. such as phishing attacks or a government investigation. Customers who have been subject to a phishing attack can add monitoring for employees confirmed to have clicked on the suspicious link or expanded monitoring for all employees. The Imprivata FairWarning Managed Services team can also create special policies to help organizations undergoing larger investigations involving sensitive data, such as a Department of Justice Investigation involving a user and minors seen at the organization.

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Ensure audit readiness

The Imprivata FairWarning Managed Services team delivers a policy review of HIPAA privacy and security policies to ensure the organization is audit ready.

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Create a culture of privacy in your healthcare organization

Maintaining patient privacy is an ongoing necessity for healthcare organizations across the board – but it’s not enough to tick items off a checklist to ensure that patient data remains protected. Find out how you can protect PHI from threats by establishing a culture of patient data privacy at your organization.
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