Governance, risk management and compliance

Securing and controlling access to protected health information is one of the most critical issues facing healthcare organizations today. Security incidents can disrupt patient care while failure to comply with HIPAA privacy and security regulations can result in financial and criminal penalties. In response, more healthcare organizations are implementing corporate governance, risk Management and compliance (GRC) initiatives that require more secure and auditable controls, and improvements in the monitoring and remediation of threats.

Imprivata offers the only integrated IAM solution that enables security and compliance managers to support corporate GRC initiatives. These GRC obligations are met through precise role-based access controls, automated provisioning and deprovisioning, streamlined auditing processes, and analytics that enable faster threat evaluation and remediation.



EPCS Compliance

Streamline your clinical workflow for the electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS) with Imprivata Confirm ID for EPCS. The solution can help to simplify the two-factor authentication mandated by the DEA and state regulations.

User Identity Governance

Generate simple, straightforward responses to internal and external audit requests with Imprivata Identity Governance, and minimize the potential for unauthorized access using role-based access control work flows. Facilitate rapid deprovisioning of employees from hospital systems, including your EHR and other sensitive clinical applications as well.

Clinical Access Auditing

With Imprivata single sign-on solutions, you can monitor user access to clinical applications and patient health records and reduce the effort required to perform internal audits and respind to external audit requests with Privacy Auditor pre-built reports.

Patient Context Management

With Imprivata Caradigm Single Sign-On and Context Management, you can close security gaps in your organization and ensure that you maintain patient context across clinical applications.

Executive GRC Dashboard

Provide your compliance team and security analysts with a complete user behavior and entitlement view by combining rights and usage data in a single analysis report with Imprivata Identity Governance. Connect to an external source or use the data warehouse to store third party data and easily build your own profile dashboards to achieve even greater information quality.

Attestation, Reporting and Compliance

Allow decision makers to review user, access and entitlement data with Imprivata Identity Governance pre-built reporting capabilities. Empower compliance officers and privileged users with the ability to create ad-hoc reports that can be customized without IT intervention.