Integrated identity and access management overview

Integrated identity and access management


Today’s most innovative healthcare organizations have established a framework of trust between their clinicians and patients, the technology they use, and the sensitive information they transact. To establish this level of trust, they leverage the industry’s leading authentication platform: Imprivata OneSign and Imprivata Confirm ID.

Many organizations that have embraced the Imprivata authentication platform are now also focusing on automating their approach to identity governance, risk, and compliance management. They’re doing this to reduce IT costs, strengthen data security and compliance, and empower care providers to deliver high quality care the moment they join the hospital.

Imprivata Identity Governance, the leading identity governance and compliance management solution for healthcare, integrates with the Imprivata authentication platform to provide a holistic view of access risk vulnerabilities, including excessive or abnormal access rights and

un-provisioned access.

The Imprivata identity and access management platform brings together Imprivata Identity Governance, Imprivata OneSign, and Imprivata Confirm ID to provide healthcare’s only integrated solution for fast, secure, No Click Access into clinical systems and applications, streamlined clinical workflows, and automated identity management. By combining automated identity management with enterprise single sign-on and authentication management, IT costs decrease, data security increases, and the focus shifts to quality patient care, exactly where it should be.

Graphic of integrated identity and access management
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