Improve Clinician Communications with HIPAA compliant text messaging from Imprivata

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Imprivata Cortext® is a HIPAA compliant text messaging solution for hospitals, practices, clinics, hospices, nursing homes and other healthcare organizations.

Why Imprivata Cortext?

  • Optimize clinical workflows – Clinicians can communicate securely from their personal or corporate-owned smartphone, tablet, or workstation. 
  • Shorten response times - Enable clinicians to find and contact each other through a contact directory that syncs with your Active Directory.
  • Improve care coordination across organizations – Use a single solution to collaborate on patient care with clinicians at other hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and more.
  • Enable HIPAA/HITECH compliance – Secure your organization’s PHI with a 3rd party verified, HIPAA compliant messaging solution that is backed by a Business Associate Agreement.