Customer success

What we do


At Imprivata, our goal is to deliver a signature experience that ensures we never lose a customer.

We aim to be proactive in taking you from where you are today to an optimised state. How do you get end-users to adopt new technology quickly? How can you increase end-user convenience? How can you address your security and compliance goals? How can you drive success even as an organisation grows? Is there a way to assess risk that leads to stronger operations? How do you quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues?

Imprivata has the answers, and we'll make sure you do, too.

How we do it


We bring our collective knowledge to every customer interaction while maintaining IT and clinical alignment on solution configuration and deployment.

We're not content to provide quick-hit installation and rollout followed up by junior customer support.

Our customers thrive and grow through their adoption lifecycle thanks to proven methodologies, broad professional services, and excellent customer support. From workflow analysis and implementations to platform upgrades and role-specific training, we're always here for you.

Why it matters


We see sales not as an endpoint, but as the beginning of a beautiful relationship. The customer experience is everything.

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Professional Services

With deep knowledge about healthcare operations and extensive technology experience, Imprivata Professional Services delivers insight and support across the entire lifecycle.



Education is key to your success, and that's why Imprivata is focused on providing educational resources that go far beyond rollout.


Taking a proactive approach to customer care, Imprivata Customer Support provides extensive resources to ensure you always have an answer.


Customer Advocacy

Our Healthcare Customer Advocate Program provides customers with a dedicated resource to ensure their success and satisfaction.