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Healthcare Customer Success


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Imprivata values our healthcare customers and believes that a close partnership can position them for success. Our Healthcare Customer Success Programme provides customers with a point of contact for ongoing tools and resources required for a successful continued deployment, product utilisation, and return-on-investment. Together, we work towards your goals and enable fast, secure, and more efficient clinical access, communication, and collaboration for your healthcare institution.


Imprivata Customer Success Programme – A closer look


By engaging with your assigned Customer Success Manager, you will have a resource that champions your needs within Imprivata and provides consolidated updates on all of your requests. Our goal is to ensure that Imprivata is easy to work with and provides a positive experience for our customers. Your assigned Customer Success Manager will:

  • Monitor and support your organisation to help with achieving your stated project goals and timelines
  • Engage the right resources, at the right time, in your continued deployment and upgrade lifecycle
  • Proactively work with you and your team to understand your organisation’s changing environment and future system rollout / changes
  • Provide ongoing communications regarding upcoming features and products, notify you about Imprivata’s participation in upcoming industry events, and provide early details regarding our user conference and other events
  • Be the “voice of the customer” and help drive strategic initiatives and improvements which ultimately benefit you and your team

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Given the general direction of the healthcare industry, and particularly with the increasing federal and state regulatory requirements, secure access and collaboration in clinical workflows grows more important every day. That’s why it is critical for our customers to ensure optimal deployments of our solutions, including smooth roll-outs that win over clinicians and realise maximum benefits.

Our Customer Success team will help you do just that. Contact us today to learn more: [email protected].