Imprivata Medical Device Access

Imprivata Medical Device Access enables fast, secure authentication for accessing and transacting with patient information on medical devices.

Interconnected medical devices are playing an increasingly valuable role in the delivery of patient care, enabling data to be captured, aggregated, transmitted, and analysed in real time. For example, patient monitoring devices used to capture and facilitate the electronic exchange of vitals to a patient’s medical record.

With these advanced capabilities come new security threats, as each device represents a potential point of exposure of patient information. Requiring user authentication to access the device and/or transact with patient information improves security, but enforcing authentication though usernames and passwords creates a tedious, inefficient workflow that impedes the delivery of care. As a result, many organisations have elected not to enforce authentication, which leaves devices and patient data vulnerable.

Imprivata Medical Device Access addresses this challenge by enabling fast, convenient authentication. For medical devices already requiring user authentication, Imprivata Medical Device Access improves efficiency by replacing the cumbersome manual entry of usernames and passwords with fast, automated authentication through the simple tap of a badge.

With Imprivata Medical Device Access, organisations can optimise their use of interconnected medical devices to improve the delivery of care while maintaining security and protecting patient information while ensuring efficiency for providers and gives them more time to focus on patient care.

Product features

Seamless integration with leading medical devices

Imprivata Medical Device Access offers productised API-level integration with the leading medical devices to streamline the authentication workflow for clinicians. A single instance of Imprivata Medical Device Access will work across the ecosystem of medical devices, giving clinicians a consistent experience while reducing the total cost of IT ownership. 

Comprehensive auditing and reporting

Imprivata Medical Device Access offers detailed reporting capabilities to establish a secure, auditable chain of trust for medical device access. Imprivata Medical Device Access gives organisations better visibility into how, when, and where clinicians access and interact with patient health information on medical devices.