Single sign-on & authentication management



On average, care providers log into workstations and applications 70 times a day, entering a username and password each time. This tedious process frustrates providers, increases complexity, hurts efficiency, and obstructs patient care.

Fortunately, there's a better option.

Imprivata OneSign® addresses these challenges by delivering an end-to-end solution that incorporates single sign-on, authentication management, and virtual desktop roaming. That means fewer clicks and less hassle with usernames and passwords. Providers can quickly access the systems and information they need, anytime, anywhere.

Imprivata OneSign also drives Electronic Medical Record (EMR) use, enabling healthcare organizations to make the most of their healthcare technology investments. Security is also a key feature of Imprivata OneSign. Imprivata maintains the security of clinical systems and personal health information so that healthcare organisations can best serve their patients while maintaining their privacy according to best practices and local privacy laws.

Innovative and responsive, Imprivata OneSign streamlines access, giving providers increased productivity, stronger security, and reduced IT costs. With the help of Imprivata OneSign, care providers can spend more time with patients and less time dealing with technology.


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