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Imprivata OneSign for state and local authorities

Achieve best practice
Eliminate password help desk calls


Imprivata OneSign provides a solution to complex state and local security requirements, while also improving productivity and cutting costs. Imprivata has helped numerous law enforcement departments and other types of agencies around the world to meet security requirements while increasing efficiency.


Comply with security regulations


Imprivata OneSign helps state and local agencies meet security requirements while streamlining access to vital information. In addition to fulfilling advanced password, authentication, and event auditing requirements. Imprivata OneSign offers a broad range of benefits to all types of agencies and organisations.

Imprivata OneSign supports multiple secure technologies:

  • Card types, including active and passive proximity cards, smart cards, building access cards, and government ID cards.
  • Fingerprint biometrics technology, including readers embedded in laptops, and USB readers used on workstations. Imprivata OneSign is based on a centrally managed architecture, so users only need to enroll their fingerprints once, regardless of how many workstations they access.
  • Tokens. Imprivata includes a built in RADIUS server to handle remote access authentication using VASCO, DIGIPASS tokens, and RSA SecurID tokens or passwords. 


Eliminate password reset calls


Handling password-reset calls from end users is not only tedious for your IT staff, but disruptive to other staff who are distracted from their strategic projects by cumbersome password requirements. With Imprivata OneSign, your organisation will gain the advantage of a secure, self-service, password reset solution that’s available 24/7.

Imprivata OneSign works with all systems and applications, even those requiring complex or frequently updated passwords. Imprivata OneSign can automate all aspects of your password management process by eliminating password frustration and enabling your IT team to make better use of their valuable time. Imprivata OneSign also lowers help desk costs and improves end user productivity.