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When running Microsoft Windows Active Directory, or connecting to any LDAP directory, single sign-on technology can be costly and complex to implement. The benefits are clear - pairing Active Directory, or any LDAP directory, with single sign-on for applications minimizes data security risk and provides greater convenience for users. But many single sign-on solutions that tie in to Active Directory, or other LDAP directories require irrevocable changes to an organization's directory. For companies seeking an Active Directory single sign-on solution that does not require any changes to your directory or directories, is affordable, and easy-to-use and manage Imprivata has the answer.

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Imprivata - the SSO solution that does not change your Active (and other LDAP) Directory

Imprivata OneSign® Single Sign-On is an identity management security solution for Active (or any LDAP) Directory that makes password management simpler and less costly. OneSign is an appliance-based solution - it ships as a redundant hardware pair with no additional software or hardware to buy, install or manage. OneSign integrates easily with existing infrastructure and is non-intrusive - there is no application code to change, to modifications to directories to make and no changes to user workflow. As a result, organizations realize the benefits of Active (or other LDAP) Directory single sign on more quickly and achieve faster return on investment.

The benefits of OneSign Single Sign-On for Microsoft Active Directory

When you deploy Imprivata OneSign to enable Active (or any LDAP) Directory single sign on, you will be able to:

  • Simplify password management for users. Employees can use one password to logon to any desktop environment, their network and access all their applications.
  • Enable the enterprise for Active (or other LDAP) Directory single sign on automatically. OneSign provides a drag-and-drop interface to help enable all applications - Web, JAVA, Windows, legacy and client/server - for single sign on quickly and easily.
  • Automate password management tasks. OneSign automatically performs many common password management tasks, such as generating strong and random passwords, changing passwords transparently when needed.
  • Simplify compliance reporting. OneSign collects data about access events in a central database and provides standardized reporting functionality. With OneSign, administrators can produce reports and respond to audit inquiries quickly and cost-effectively.

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