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With so much emphasis placed on data security today, the need for an identity management solution is clear. A good identity management solution should authenticate identities onto networks; safeguard data, networks and property; manage password security for hundreds or thousands of employees; and address regulatory compliance with comprehensive user access reports. But too frequently, identity management solutions are costly to implement and maintain. For an identity management solution that is non-intrusive, easy to implement, deploy and maintain consider Imprivata OneSign®.

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Imprivata - a leading identity management solution

Imprivata OneSign is an appliance-based identity management solution that simplifies authentication and access management. Purpose-built for fast enterprise deployment, OneSign's appliance-based approach reduces implementation time, minimizes infrastructure needs, offers lower installation and maintenance costs and delivers and a scalable web service-based architecture that allows companies to get up and running quickly to realize faster ROI. OneSign is shipped as a redundant hardware pair, requiring no other hardware or software to be purchased, installed or maintained. And a distributed management and failover architecture enables identity information to follow users throughout the enterprise while delivering built-in business failover, continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

As an appliance-based approach, Imprivata's identity management solution does not require scripting or modification to existing code providing an effective, non-intrusive solution. The OneSign platform offers an integrated platform solution for your identity management challenges.

  • Securely authenticate users - OneSign provides native support for and management of many authentication options such as passwords, ID tokens, Windows and national ID smart cards, active and passive proximity cards, USB tokens and fingerprint biometrics.
  • Streamline application access. The OneSign Application Profile Generator provides administrators with an easy drag-and-drop interface that profiles all an applications' sign-on behaviors and dynamics to enable single sign-on for all enterprise applications - even the most challenging ones. OneSign enables SSO without requiring scripting or modification to existing code providing an effective, non-intrusive solution for password management.
  • Simplify Compliance Reporting. With OneSign SSO, enterprises can record all application access events in a centralized database and, at the push of a button, administrators can run any number of pre-structured or customized reports showing who is accessing what information, whenand from where.

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