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AUTOCONT is a Czech private company, which has been successfully operating in the sphere of supplying goods, services and solutions in the field of information and communication technologies since 1990.

The manufacture of personal computers of the Company‘s own brand and systematic building of extensive trade and service network contributed to the Company‘s rapid expansion in the first decade. In the second decade of its existence, AUTOCONT focused on providing complete IT solutions and services for company customers and state administration, and, therefore, the Company gradually forged itself among the leading companies in the sphere of extensive and complex ICT projects.

Systematic and long-term building of professional skills, careful monitoring of customer needs and, last but not least, the Company‘s sophisticated internal organisation has contributed to the fact that AUTOCONT is currently the largest and most important Czech supplier of information and communication technologies.

AUTOCONT is a part of AUTOCONT Holding, which includes, for example, Slovakian ICT company AUTOCONT SK and the largest Czech supplier of Autodesk CAD solutions - company CAD Studio.

  • phone: + 420 910 971 971
  • website:
  • address: Hornopolní 3322/34
  • city: Ostrava
  • postal code: 702 00
  • country: CZ
  • near non-host countries: Czech Republic